Boondock Ramblings

Randomly Thinking: Florida men stories, murder case obsessions, behind on blog reading and other random thoughts

You just know it’s going to be a weird day when the tabs of your computer are opened up to “Man Found Naked In Chicken Coup After Manhunt”, a search bar for “what are the names of those… Read More

Randomly Thinking: My sleep sheep keep talking to me, creepy creatures, and lucid dreaming

I have had this Randomly Thinking file started for two weeks but have not had enough material or enough time to put it together. Since I don’t have anything for Fiction Friday today, I figured it would be… Read More

Randomly Thinking: Hot weather, outhouse races, and The Birds!

I have been writing down little tidbits for Randomly Thinking but have not had much inclination to finalize them. It’s either been too hot or too rainy or I’ve been too tired. But this week I needed some… Read More

Randomly Thinking: I am socially awkward. Surprised? Yeah, me either.

Welcome to my random thoughts and events for the week. Enter at your own risk. Well, it looks like I might make it to 25 days consecutive posting on this blog by Monday, but I’m not doing it… Read More

Randomly Thinking: The Scarewoman, mouthy first-graders, and creepy Christmas music

Welcome to my Randomly Thinking post where I share random thoughts from my week or the past two weeks. Read at your own risk. **** I’m still posting consecutive days on the blog, for now, mainly using posts… Read More

Randomly Thinking: Aliens, smart dogs, and leg hair

Welcome to a post of my random thoughts. Enter at your own risk. Every night when I let our dog out one last time, I lock both the outside and inside door. Honestly, I’m not afraid of humans… Read More

Randomly Thinking: Cats are falling out of the sky and other random thoughts

This is my randomly thinking post where I share random thoughts from my week, two weeks, month or whenver I get around to writing the post. *** This week’s Randomly Thinking is brought to you by kittens falling… Read More

Randomly Thinking: Medievel helmets and weird pet quirks

Welcome to my random thoughts. Which are often weird and, well, random. *** My daughter and I watched the Spirit movie, which is about a wild horse. Some of her comments during it included: “First, that’s not how… Read More

Randomly Thinking: Medieval helmets, cats, new beds

One day this week, one of Little Miss’s friends called early in the morning to play an online game with her. Little Miss was still asleep but when she woke up, very bleary-eyed I might add, I let… Read More