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The soul sucking process of house hunting

I haven’t been house hunting for 16 years and the fact I’m doing it again in my 40s pretty much sucks rotten eggs. We need to find a house closer to my husband’s new job (and my parents) and finding one that is in our budget and not 200 years old is almost impossible in […]

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Currently . . . November

I saw this new theme at Erin at Still Life, with Cracker Crumb’s blog (hosted by Anne at In Residence) so I thought I would jump in this month for fun! The idea is to post what your picking and preparing, trying, feeling, and following for the upcoming month. We’ll see how this goes! Picking […]

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Fiction Friday: A New Beginning Chapter 1

This is a warning: If you haven’t read the first part of Blanche’s story, A Story to Tell, you might not want to read A New Beginning, which is the second part of her story. You can find the first part of Blanche’s story on Kindle or in Paperback, on Amazon (after December 17 it […]

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Autumn saves the best for last

I didn’t think the leaves were going to be very pretty in our area this autumn, and in some places they weren’t, but they waited to save the best for last in some cases, especially in our side and front yard where our two maples transformed from greenish-yellow to bright yellow and orange, fringed with […]

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