Randomly Thinking: I couldn’t be a 911 dispatcher, my tea needs more honey, and tomato soup cake

I don’t know about you but I certainly need some silly or funny this week. It’s been a brutal one for me emotionally. Loss and heartache. It took a lot for me to even push through and post this, but sometimes we just have to push through to survive, right? (I know. I’m such a downer this week!)

Anyhow, regular readers know the drill. These are my random thoughts for the month (or two weeks or whenever I get around to writing them). Read on at your own risk, but don’t worry, I tried to keep it cheerful.

A friend recently decided she wanted to go for training to be a 911-dispatcher. She told me she’s good in emergencies, just cries afterward. I said I used to be calm about emergencies — I covered fires and car accidents during my reporting career, and it didn’t phase me most of the time. Now since seeing my kid in an ambulance and my stay in the hospital I am a basket case. I told her the patients would be trying to comfort me while I cried into the phone.

The people who need help would be like, “It’s okay, lady. It’s just a bullet wound. I’m sure I’ll be fine. You can stop crying now.”


When I make tea, I think of that SNL skit with Christopher Walken (back when the show was funny) where he says, “It needs more cowbell.”

 I look into my tea and say, “It needs more honey,” in Walken’s voice.


I recently told my son that he has the attention span of a gnat and can’t handle watching anything more than 30 seconds because of all the TikTok-like videos he watches. (He hates TikTok so doesn’t actually watch that.)

He countered by showing me this video about how to make a tomato soup cake and told me he’d watched the entire nine minutes and thirty-five-second clip. I said, “fine, your attention span is longer than a —”

And I was hooked and watched the whole thing too.

Seriously, though, did you know there was such a thing as tomato soup cake? Ew.


The other night my dad was looking for a quote from General Jim Mattis.

My mom recited it to him: ‘Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.’

Then she let him know she had that one written down a couple of places.

I’m sure she didn’t mean it as threatening as it sounded, but it was still pretty funny.


Erin from Still Life, With Cracker Crumbs, sent me this hilarious story about a man who rescued a cat out of a tree and went viral, not because of his good deed, but his good looks.

Here is a sample:



Here is a fun photo my husband recently had to take for his job.

Photo credit: Warren Howeler, The Rocket-Courier

9-year old Lillian and her rooster (Ron Weasly), a one-year-old English Gamer Bantam, recently took second place in the youth division at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Lillian lives near us and I don’t know why I love this photo so much. I guess because it just represents our area and our love of our farm animals well.


Thanks to that nasty virus, peanut butter, onions, and garlic smell and taste like a mix of chemicals and something that died. That means anything that has those ingredients in it tastes and smells the same.

Last weekend, though, a former classmate made a peanut butter cake for a memorial service I attended and the peanut butter frosting actually tasted normal, but that could be because it was mixed with a ton of sugar and milk.

Hopefully, that is a symptom that will gradually get better.


My brother suggested this guitar player named Luca Stricagnoli  and now I can’t stop watching him


I’ve also been watching The Dead South cover The Doors. For those who didn’t like their rendition of You Are My Sunshine, you probably won’t like this one either.


So there are a few random thoughts for this week. How about you? Has anything weird, unusual, or fun happened to you recently? Share in the comments and if it is okay, I’d like to share it in a future Randomly Thinking to cheer us all up.

8 thoughts on “Randomly Thinking: I couldn’t be a 911 dispatcher, my tea needs more honey, and tomato soup cake

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  2. That cowbell skit is classic!!

    And tomato soup cake…hmm. I feel like I need to make that because it sounds so weird. I made that green tomato cake over the summer remember? Lol.

    LOL! I am glad that story about the cat rescue made you smile. It made me smile too…..

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  3. Haha, cowbell! Haven’t seen that in years. I also have the smell thing going on, but I get only the chemical/ metallic smell (so far I’ve specifically ID’d potatoes, onions, and anything with aluminum in it or the packaging). I was really frustrated until I learned a lot of people get the rotten/ decaying element. Now I’m just grateful.

    My mom sent me the video of the banjo guitar too…very cool. I need to watch more of his videos.

    Random funny: we attended a last minute birthday party today, kids were invited to dress up. With 20 minutes to go-time, my 12 year old worked some quick magic on a carboard box and she went as a garbage can. Cracked everyone up!

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    • Your kids are so cool! They always think of the most creative things.

      The smell/taste issues is getting a little better – like now when I eat meat it is there faintly but not overwhelming. It’s sadly still awful with garlic (one of my favorite seasonings) and onions. Tonight I am eating deli turkey and even that has the faint smell. The taste isn’t too bad though. I am praying that this means it is getting better. It’s hard to describe the smell to people but I heard a lady on an interview (when I looked up how to possibly help it) call it the “Covid musk.”


  4. My kids are obsessed with the cowbell routine! Their favorite thing to say now is “Explore the space” and everything has the potential to be a cowbell.

    I feel like the general’s quote would make for an interesting character…

    Other than California having a love-hate relationship with winter (summer temperatures one week followed by a plunge straight into winter and hail and snow) over the past two weeks, I’m kind of happy things have been boring. I don’t think I could survive as a 911 dispatcher, either. My general area has seen some crazy things lately.

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