Boondock Ramblings

Sunday Bookends: big house news, books finished, books to start

  I finished two books this week. One was a middle school-aged book and the other was an adult book (not that kind of adult book!). The adult book was a library book, the first I’ve actually read… Read More

Sunday bookends: A trinity of movies, winter depression, and ready to burn the house down

Desperate to stave off the deep depression that normally besets me during winter, I’ve been burying myself in movies and books and writing this past week or so. I watched two movies and a mini-series this past week… Read More

Sunday Bookends: The Biggest Little Farm, Comfort reading, and apparently it’s spring in winter

This is part of Readerbuzz’s Sunday Salon. I tried to distract myself from the stress of life this week by choosing a documentary to watch, but I’m not sure my stress was relieved watching a farming couple almost… Read More

How I found out everyone hates the Christmas movies I like

Much to my horror this Christmas season I learned that half my family hates some of my favorite Christmas movies. I was crushed. Not really, but you know, we’ll pretend. It turns out where I thought it should… Read More

Sunday Bookends: Dick VanDyke, Noelle, sappy, predictable Christmas movies, and light reading

Bah-humbug to the crummy week this past week was. And bah-humbug to: the people who thought they could pay us almost $35,000 less for our house than we were asking so they could flip it (not very Christian… Read More

Sunday Bookends: Reading mysteries with cats, watching artistic movies, and selling a house

What a week last week was, or at least the beginning of it. We knew we had at least one house showing in the middle of the week but then we were asked if we could accommodate a… Read More