Randomly Thinking: The school papers are multiplying like rabbits and other random tidbits that spilled out of my head this week

Welcome to my weekly Randomly Thinking post where I share random thoughts that pop into my head throughout the week. Enter at your own risk.

  • I looked at the “writers” community in Instagram earlier today. All I can say is I’m glad I never wrote a six stanza poem about my period when I was 20. Good grief and good gravy.
  • There are school papers everywhere in my house and when I pick some up to put away, I turn around and there are even more. I swear they are getting married and making new little school paper babies when I’m not looking and they’ve trained my daughter’s craft supplies to do the same.
  • Sometimes, when I see it out of the corner of my eye, I think the fall display in our side yard, made of corn stalks, is a man and I have a mini-panic attack. Does that make me weird? Sad? I know. Just don’t tell me it does.
  • Funny Bablyon Bee headline: October on Pace to Be Three Years Long. I’m sure this will be true for us Americans, thanks to election season.
  • I have discovered that some modern writers in Christian fiction are good at social media and being “out in the public eye” but they’re really not that great of a writer/author. Ouch. I hope that won’t be me as I continue to try to improve writing. A little smoke and mirrors works for these writers, though. They have a cult following. In some ways it reminds me of Stephen King.
  • After reading some of these authors, I have decided I’m going to start moving away from the strict romance genre because some of the tropes are just ridiculous and make the books predictable. I have a possible trope planned for my latest and now I’m pondering how to change it so it isn’t so Hallmark-movie-predictable-plot-gagfest. I like Hallmark movies, don’t get me wrong, but they do all have about the same plot lines.
  • My dog barks at everything. Every. Thing. A cat in the yard next door, the UPS man, the mail lady, a dog barking across town, a leaf blowing in the wind, a door closing upstairs, a door closing downstairs, a person talking on the neighbor’s porch. She’s so jumpy I’m thinking of giving her some of the CBD oil I’ve been using to calm my nerves.
  • My son is obsessed with Minecraft. I find myself writing my books in my head when he talks to me about it, but I do try very hard to focus so he knows I care about the things he cares about. I am interested. It is just the game is so detailed and has so many components to how you can create with it, it makes my head swim.
  • So many of the sitcoms of the ‘80s had seriously depressing back stories. Abandoned children, dead parents, drug-addicted parents or siblings. Dang. What’s up with that?

I’m seriously looking forward to season two of The Chosen. If you have not yet watched season one, you can find the app on Android or iOS devices under The Chosen or you can visit their site.

  • This week a woman said Trump 2020 on a video I was watching, but I thought she said Psalm 20:20 so I looked up the verse. Even though it hit me later she’d actually said Trump 2020, I thought the verse was fitting for this year.

psalm of David. May the LORD answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Jacob protect you. May he send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion. … We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.

So those are my random thoughts for this week. What are your random thoughts? Let me know in the comments! Last week I asked this and Alicia’s random thought was: “How effective are the masks if I can still smell the old people’s “toots” when I’m cutting their hair at the nursing home?!” So…there’s that.

18 thoughts on “Randomly Thinking: The school papers are multiplying like rabbits and other random tidbits that spilled out of my head this week

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  2. I have to agree with everyone here about the cornstalks etc. Your stories all gave me a great laugh so thank you. 🙂 I remember when they put a new stop sign up where I used to live. I could see it out my main window and oh my…it gave me many a fright until I got used to it being there!

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  3. I had to laugh at the cornstalk thing. I do that, too! We have some boxes in front of the dining room window and I always see them out of the corner of my eye and swear it’s a man on my porch looking in the window! Freaks me out every time!


  4. Lol! The multiplying papers and craft supplies!! I can definitely relate to that here.
    And goodness no, you are not crazy to think that your fall decor is a person. The other day I thought my dripping sewer tank was a bear rummaging in the dark… and I BOLTED into my house from the hot tub (without my towel) as my husband chuckled at me.
    And what’s with boys talking about video games?!? I can’t think of a more dull topic to listen to, but alas, I do the same as you. Nod and pretend to really care about a world of pixels amd graphics that look like they were made in the early 90s… sigh. 😉

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    • I bet your husband had a blast watching that! Hahaha!

      Yeah..that whole pixel thing is weird to me. It does look like a 90s game or something. But he learns how to build and builds amazing things with it so it is pretty cool.

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  5. Haha I remember those multiplying homeschool papers! When my daughter was young her room looked great until I looked under her bed where the papers were making little school-paper babies! Thanks for giving me a fun random memory tonight! 🙂 Love that Psalm 20:20 verse too!

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  6. My son plays Roblox and, honestly, it sounds like he’s speaking gibberish whenever he tells us about the games he plays. I think there’s a bunch of chickens in one? I feel guilty every time I space out because I literally cannot figure out what he’s trying to say and, him being only 6, his communication skills still need a lot of work.

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    • My daughter plays Roblox and asks me to play with her. I’ve figured out some of the games but they are terribly bizarre to me and lately other kids have been ganging up and bullying in the games so I don’t like her to play.

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      • Yeah, the bullying scares me. There have been a lot of scary things popping up about Roblox lately. Fortunately, my son’s interest is waning these days and he mostly finds himself in games with very few to no other players. I’m almost tempted to get him a computer for it so it has to be parked on a table and I can more easily look over his shoulder.


  7. lol my “tooting” random thought!!

    I love that you write these random thoughts..the trump 2020 (verse from psalm is very fitting).
    I can relate to your Minecraft grief because my ten year old is obsessed and I, like you, need to keep from my thoughts trailing because I find Minecraft monotonous.
    And Hallmark movies being predictable…ditto!

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    • I feel so bad when I zone out on him but he is so into it that he uses all this lingo and I’m like —- “I have no idea what you are talking about.” So I nod a lot and say “wow… cool.” Honestly, a lot of what he creates is amazing and very cool so I have no problem saying “wow!!”

      I am pretty sure he is thinking of Minecraft when I ramble about my writing, though, so we are probably even! 😂😂

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    • They have been showing some sneak peeks from the new season on their social media sites. I don’t know if you’ve seen the set they have been able to use or not. It is in Utah and it is amazing! I’m so excited for them. This became available after Dallas asked for prayer and said he really was beginning to wonder if they’d ever be able to pull off the second season.

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