Oh. So that’s why writing book two has been such a challenge.

I have been having a hard time writing the second part of Blanche’s story and I think it is because I had so much fun sharing the first part on my blog and interacting with some of my readers about it as I went along, and I haven’t been doing that with this book.


I was able to go back and make changes before I published the book on Kindle, but sharing it in pieces and receiving feedback as I wrote it, was fun. I’ve heard this is similar to how Wattpad works, but I don’t know if I’m really interested in sharing it with that many people. I don’t mind sharing it with the few people who read my blog, however, because my blog readers are cool people, with similar tastes, who aren’t afraid to give me polite pointers.

I’ve also been struggling with Blanche sharing with me the second part of her story like she did the first part. I’m fairly certain I just heard many of you say to yourselves: ‘I’m sorry what? You think your character is talking to you? How many drugs are you on?” I know. It sounds weird but, yes, sometimes I feel like my characters tell me their stories in bits and pieces and I wake up (because they don’t tell me when I’m awake apparently) and jot down what they’ve shared with me, flushing it out later.

The first part of Blanche’s story came out pretty quickly, but now I’m struggling with what happens since she’s (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST STORY) left Hank and come home to live with her parents. I already have plenty of ideas and a few chapters in rough draft form, though, so it is coming together. The second part of the story will introduce a few new characters but also continue the story of other characters in Blanche’s life.

Will Hank find redemption, like my dad is vying for? Or will he disappear completely from the scene? We will have to wait and see – including this writer who hasn’t totally decided what will happen with Hank yet.

And what about the arrival of Blanche’s friend Emmy’s cousin? What role will Judson “J.T.” Waignwright play, if any? And then there is Edith, Blanche’s older sister. How is married life (and parenthood?) treating her? When we left her she was expecting. Hank’s mom was also on scene, hoping to have a relationship with her grandson, and searching for her own healing from her own abusive marriage.

What will happen to Emmy and who is Stanley Jasper?

We’ll see every Friday, starting this Friday when I start sharing chapters from “A New Beginning,” the sequel toA Story to Tell.”

8 thoughts on “Oh. So that’s why writing book two has been such a challenge.

  1. I’m so excited for the second part! I’ve got your posts saved so I can catch up because life over at the Miller’s is crazy right now. I personally think Hank should try to come back and Blanche has enough and kills him and buries him in the woods out behind the house. Wait..I’ve been watching too many Lifetime movies. 😀

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    • 😂😂😂 oh man! I don’t know if I’ll go quite that dark and it might be out of Blanche’s character if she did that. 😉 things have been crazy here too so trust me, I get it! I’ve been watching your renovation posts so I know that’s part of the craziness.

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    • Thank you! I really had a lot of fun doing it and it actually made me more diligent about writing because I knew I “needed” to have a new portion or chapter each week. I’m sure I won’t do this with every story but I enjoy it. I don’t expect to be wildly successful or care if I am. If I can provide some distraction for people from weird, depressing news then I’m glad to do that.

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  2. Ok well I just stopped reading your post halfway through ’cause of the spoiler alert…thanks for the warning! I have to catch up with book 1!

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