Autumn saves the best for last

I didn’t think the leaves were going to be very pretty in our area this autumn, and in some places they weren’t, but they waited to save the best for last in some cases, especially in our side and front yard where our two maples transformed from greenish-yellow to bright yellow and orange, fringed with red, in a matter of days.

I grabbed a few photos of the trees in our side yard and front yard before the rainy, colder weather sets in tomorrow and possibly blows the leaves off. And, of course, I grabbed photos of the kids playing in front of the trees before the leaves all fall off (whether in the rain or later) and we’re stuck with naked skeletons for the rest of the winter. Luckily, we have a tree that is a “late bloomer”, so to speak, which often doesn’t change colors until November and takes it’s time losing its leaves. That helps autumn to stay around a little longer for us.

My son also finished the shed he and my dad have been working on, another project they wanted to have completed before cold weather sets in.

We were late on decorating for Halloween this year, but the children managed to put up a few decorations this week before trick-or-treating, which was held a day early to avoid the heavy rain we’re expected to get.



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      • Well it works because your shots are amazing. I know what you mean with getting strange looks when photography something. I get then when I am out in the desert laying on my belly or upside down trying to get a shot up close of a rain drop on a cacti or branch. I have slipped a couple times on rocks though so I have to be careful. Imagine what little insects see from their views, bet it’s beautiful.


  2. Your kids look like they are having SO much fun! So happy 🙂 Glad you got some color…ours was very blah this year, however, it has been in the 50s!! during the day so I am NOT complaining in the least. We very often have a snowfall or two before (or on) Halloween so all in all it has been a FABULOUS fall! God Bless!

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