Boondock Ramblings

A new season of flowers

I had nothing to do with the flowers blooming around my house. I have no idea how to maintain them and they’d probably last longer if I had a clue what I’m doing. But I don’t have a… Read More

February recap in photos

I could write about my February but since we were snowed or iced in for almost the entirety of it, it would be pretty boring so I thought I would recap the month in photos instead.

Photos of the Week And When you Feel Like You’re The Lorax

Snow has been the name of the game for the last two weeks in our neck of the woods. First, we were hit with 22 to 24 inches a few days before Christmas. Then it rained for 40… Read More

Photos of the Week (Actually A Couple of Weeks)

We haven’t been out a ton lately so I didn’t have enough photos last week for a Photos of the Week post. This week I am combining two weeks worth of photos Maybe I will have more in… Read More

Photos of the week and a few extras

It was so cold and dreary here last week that we didn’t really leave the house much, which means I didn’t take a lot of photographs. I took a few, though, and thought I would share them. Hopefully… Read More

Looking back at September through photos

September went by super fast for me. I really mean that. One moment we were enjoying the end of summer and then bam! Autumn was all up in our grills (no, I have no idea where that came… Read More

More of autumn and burning Dad’s hat

My daughter flopped back on her back in our backyard the other night, looking up at leaves brilliant red and orange and declared, “I love fall.” A few moments earlier, though, she had told me she didn’t like… Read More

Our Summer So Far in Photos

Our summer hasn’t been super exciting but we’ve had some fun family moments and fun growing our garden, etc. I thought I’d share our summer so far in photos. I actually meant to post this in July and… Read More

Sometimes I like to see the world in black and white (through photography.)

Sometimes I like to convert my photographs into black and white, simply to see what they look like and what moments are focused on without the distraction of color. Sometimes I see a photo in black and white… Read More