Picking blueberries while gnats fly up our noses

Parents: “Let’s go blueberry picking!”

Almost 13-year old: “Yeah, fine. Okay.”

Almost 5-year old: “Yeah! Blueberries!”

Parents: “We’re here! Where should we pick? Here again? Like last year? Okay!”

Outside the car, all reflecting on how it’s as hot as it was last year and noticing arms and legs feel like licorce that’s been sitting in the sun too long.

Almost 13-year old: “”Och! Man! A gnat just flew up my nose!”

Parents: “Just keep picking! It will be fine.”

Almost 5-year old: “Look! A blueberry!” (eats it)

Parents: “No, no. We are picking the blueberries and putting the in the bucket, not eating them. Okay. Yep. That’s right. In the bucket.”

Almost 13-year old: “There is a gnat in my eye! My eye!”

Parents: “I forgot the bug spray. Wave them away.”

Almost 5-year old: “I’m hot.”

Almost 13-year old: “Can gnats get to your brain from ears?! They are in my ears!”

Almost 5-year old: “Did you bring snacks? I’m hungry.”

Parent: “I told you to get a snack before you came. Besides, you’re eating the blueberries. How can you be hungry?”

Almost 13-year old: “I just ate a gnat! It flew in my mouth! Blech!!”

Almost 5-year old: “Do they  have a potty here?”

Parent: “We’re in the middle of nowhere. Pee in the woods.”

Almost 5-year old: (look of disgust.) “Uh…no.”

Almost 13-year old, eating blueberries and swatting gnats: “mmmm..blueberries.”

Parent: “Put the blueberries in the bucket, not your mouth.”

Almost 5-year old: “I’m going to the car now.”

Parent: “You can’t go to the car now. It’s locked.”

Almost 13-year old: “I need water.”
Parent: (looks at phone) “We’ve only been here four minutes! Are you kids serious right now?!”

Luckily we found a port-a-potty, moved to another spot, and the sun went behind the cloud for about 20 minutes, letting us finish picking with minimal whining. We came home with seven pounds of blueberries, which were gone in less than a week. Not sure what that says about us.


21 thoughts on “Picking blueberries while gnats fly up our noses

  1. So funny, great for my Sunday morning laugh. I remember taking my teenagers out to help pick blackberries at our friend’s vineyard and the mosquitoes ate up my daughter. She had all these bite marks every where and she asked if anyone else got bitten. Guess they liked her the most, poor thing. Love your photos and stories…thanks you for sharing these fun adventures. I am back on now and have a lot to catch up with. Looks like you all had a wonderful summer out living your lives and spending time together. You and your family have a great Sunday.

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    • It was a nice trip to the blueberry farm even with the gnats. Thank you for taking time to stop by and I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Good luck on catching up! I’m terribly behind on blogs at the moment!


  2. “Pee in the woods”
    “Uh, no.”

    ROFLMAO!!!!! Thank you for posting this. I love when bloggers give us bits of real conversations.

    Ugh those gnats…so annoying. We’ve had some in the house recently that drove me up a wall.

    Wow…wild blueberries!!! I cannot imagine how good they must taste, unlike the ones in the grocery store that usually have NO taste.

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    • The fresh blueberries are definitely so much better. Amazingly tart and sweet.

      I grew up in the country and if you couldn’t get to a bathroom you peed in the woods. It’s not as easy for us girls though so I get where she was coming from! I was used to my boy who will pee pretty much anywhere.

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