Boondock Ramblings

Grumpy posts and a busy weekend

Last week I wrote a grumpy post that was supposed to be an encouraging post. I started it encouraging, read it again yesterday and realized I shouldn’t have been writing a blog post when I was tired and… Read More

Picking blueberries while gnats fly up our noses

Parents: “Let’s go blueberry picking!” Almost 13-year old: “Yeah, fine. Okay.” Almost 5-year old: “Yeah! Blueberries!” Parents: “We’re here! Where should we pick? Here again? Like last year? Okay!” Outside the car, all reflecting on how it’s as… Read More

The Do Nothing Summer

We really haven’t done anything this summer and I’ve felt guilty about it, but part of the time it couldn’t be helped. This has been a fairly hot, humid summer and going outside to frolic in the fields… Read More

Four is the new terrible twos

“I’M NOT DOING ANY MORE SCHOOL WORK UNTIL MY BROTHER SITS NEXT TO ME AT THE TABLE!!” Her little voice pierced my eardrums and grated on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. Papers, pencils, and crayons scattered… Read More

I was never pretty but sometimes I could write pretty words

Scrolling down through Instagram and there is the writer I could have had got to know better but chose not to, for various reasons. And there she is promoting a friend’s book yet again. I look at her… Read More

Winter wonderland? Not exactly. . ..

I won’t lie, seeing all the beautiful photos of winter wonderlands taken in a rural area after a snowfall always makes me a little jealous. I live in a small town but it’s not really like one of… Read More

Zooma the Wonder Dog takes over to lift the winter blues

It’s been a while since Mom has let me take over the blog. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m Zooma the Wonder Dog and from time to time I like to take over… Read More

Keep singing me that song, sweet girl

“Mama, I have something to show you,” you said while I was trying to cook dinner one night. “Um..not now, honey. I have to cook dinner,” I told you. “But moooom…” you sighed and rolled your eyes with… Read More

Wrestlers, degenerate reporters and a president on this week’s reading list

This post is part of the Sunday Salon, which is a group of bloggers who join together one day of the week to share what they’re reading, watching or simply what’s up in their life, although it’s mainly… Read More