A couple weeks ago we went to a place Mommy and Daddy called Wall-kings Glen or something like that. The lady in the little building said I wasn’t allowed on the trail so Mommy and Plaything One and Plaything Two stayed with me in the place they called a park and another place called a playground.


The playground was full of creatures that were the same height as Plaything One and Plaything Two but some looked like Mommy and  Daddy only with less gray. Mommy called them college students and then did this weird thing with her eyes, sort of like they rolled around in her head. Then she smiled. It was weird.

At one point Mommy thought we’d never get to Playground because everyone kept stopping to love on me and give me attention. They kept asking “what kind” I was. I don’t know what that meant, but I didn’t care because I learned the best way to get the pets was to wiggle my rear sideways at them and lay on my back so they would rub my belly.

I was just laying on the charm, Mom said. I don’t know what charm is, but I sure like the sound of that.

“Oh look! How sweet!” people kept squealing at me and then my belly was being rubbed and my ears caressed and I was being told what a good girl I was.

I was glad none of them saw me the week before when I was nipping at Plaything One and Plaything Two to try to get them to play with me.

DSC_8600I rolled right on my back every time someone asked to meet me and showed them the belly so they all said “aaawwwww”. I also wiggled my fluffy butt and little tail when an entire group of college boys and girls swooned all over me.

What power.

If only I could figure out how to harness that for more of those cookie treats Mommy and the playthings got me the other day.

Read more of my adventures here: Zooma and the Bunny; Zooma Escapes.


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