A Collection of Zooma posts

I see Zooma the Wonder Dog found her way onto my blog again yesterday.

Because so many of you seemed to like her post, I thought I would link to some of her past posts for any of you who are terribly bored and need some lighthearted entertainment and photos of Zooma when she was a very tiny, cute puppy.

Zooma the Wonder Dog Takes Over to Lift the Winter Blues

Adventures of Zooma the Wonder Dog: Out in Wall Kings Glen

Adventures of Zooma the Wonder Dog: The Escape

Adventures of Zooma the Wonder Dog: The Bunny

A word from Zooma the Wonder Dog

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve been able to take over the blog. A lot has happened since then (like two years ago!) and I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to sneak over to the laptop and take it over again before Mom sees!

In case some of you don’t know who I am, I’m Zooma the Wonder Dog. I’m really just Zooma, but Mom added “The Wonder Dog” because when I run my tail and fur streams out behind me like a cape of some sort. I was born on a farm with cows and other puppies and was adopted by Mom and Dad, Little One and The Boy two years ago (or so). I also got to know The Beast, as I call her, and she loves me, even though she sometimes pretends she doesn’t.

I love life, especially when I can be outside with my boy or girl or following Mom or Dad (or Grandpa) around to see what they’re doing. I’m always very helpful, even though sometimes they tell me I’m in the way or not being very helpful because I roll on my back and wait for them to pet me when they are trying to do something they call “work.” I don’t know why they would want to do “work”. It sounds boring and awful. Rubbing my belly and exploring nature with me sounds like a lot more fun.

Not long ago our family moved from our house to live with Grandpa and Grandma. I liked living there. I followed Grandpa everywhere and slept with him at night. I’m not sure he liked taking me out so I could pee in the mornings but I had fun with him anyhow. I smile more there than anywhere else.

Then we moved to what Mom and Dad said is our new house. I like our new house because there are lots of birds for me to chase in the backyard and new people for me to bark at. I don’t know why those birds keep running away from me when I try to talk to them but since they do, I just chase them. I think they like our game. I play the same game with the little human and the little bit bigger human.

I also bark at the neighbors when I think they are in our yard because it’s hard to tell where our yard is at this new place so I figure I better bark at everyone just to be safe. We don’t have a fence here so I’m never sure. Mom says to stop the whole barking thing because the new neighbors will think I’m so vicious creature instead of the sweetheart I am.

The other day a lady came into the part of the yard that I know is our yard to talk to Mom and Dad and I barked and barked at her but her voice was sweet so I rolled on my back and let her pet my belly. Humans seem to like when I let them pet my belly so I tried it again on the other lady on the other side of our yard. She liked rubbing my belly too.

I still don’t trust those male humans who come into the yard though. Their voices are deep and scary so I don’t let them pet my belly, even if it would make them less scary. I tell them to go away and let the women pet me instead.

My biggest job, besides alerting my humans to any movement (like people, birds, other dogs, cats, animals, leaves or wind) in the yard or anywhere outside by barking, is keeping The Beast out of trouble.

The Beast likes to run outside when I go outside for my “pee sessions” (as Mom sometimes calls my potty breaks) but I’m a good girl and stay out of trouble (especially when Mom and Dad hook me up on that thing they call a lead. I don’t get why it’s called a lead. It doesn’t lead me anywhere. It actually keeps me from going very far and being able to explore the way I want to and that’s not cool.) but The Beast is always wandering where she isn’t supposed to be. Sometimes I let Mom and Dad know she’s getting into trouble by barking loudly and sometimes I just take the matter into my own paws and gently usher her back inside by chasing her while she yowls and slaps at me. She loves me, though, I know she does.

I met another cat when Mom and I went on a walk when we first moved to this town but Mom wouldn’t let me get to know him. I’m pretty sure he would have liked me as much as The Beast does if I had been able to talk to him more.

Well, that’s it for this time around. All this sneaking around has wiped me out and it’s time for my nap – in Mom’s favorite chair, where I look too adorable for her to kick me out so I always get to take my nap there. Hopefully Mom will wander off somewhere again soon and I can share another update with you. I bet my updates are much more interesting than her’s anyhow.

Zooma the Wonder Dog takes over to lift the winter blues

It’s been a while since Mom has let me take over the blog. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m Zooma the Wonder Dog and from time to time I like to take over the blog so you have something actually interesting to read. Shhh…don’t tell Mom I said that. You can read more of my posts (you know, the good ones on this blog) here and here and even here and oh yeah..here too.


You’ll notice I’m calling Mom Mom now and not “mommy”. That’s because I’m finally a teenager and my childish ways are behind me. Mom says my childish ways are not behind me since she’s caught me in the trash more than once and chasing the cat more than once, as well, but I ignore her because, well, I’m a teenager. I don’t have to pay attention to what my parents say.

I know, I know. Some of you may claim you saw me running around the yard the other day, being silly and acting like a young pup again, but you’d be wrong. I was simply working out to keep myself young and trim and looking good for the boy dog I saw walking by the other day.

Mom is such a killjoy. She says I can’t be around boy dogs until I’ve been spayed. I don’t know if she has a lisp or what, but I can’t figure out what being spayed has to do with me liking to bark a hello at the boy dogs walking by. I mean spaying is what they do to keep you clean right? With water and a hose? I don’t know for sure but Mom says I’m going to be spayed in a couple of days so I’ll find out then.

I saw a dog get spayed on TV on one of those shows Plaything 2 watches and that dog had soap and warm water so I hope I get spayed like that. I’m not a fan of baths, or soap, but being spayed with water might be fun. I’ll let you know what I think about it all in my next post.

Since moving here I’ve grown pretty fond of – I mean, I’ve grown accustomed to living here with my human family. Mom and Dad are pretty cool. Dad is grumpy sometimes when I wake him up early to pee but then he’s even grumpier if I let him sleep and pee in the living room. It takes a lot to make him happy it seems. Mom doesn’t like when I rip toilet paper up all over the bathroom floor or the backyard and she keeps telling me to leave The Beast alone.

The Beast has started to love me. She has. Don’t let her tell you any different. She misses me when I’m gone – like when I went to Grandpa and Grandma’s for something everyone called Christmas. There was a lot of food there but Grandpa and Mom were the only ones who gave me any. Grandma kept reminding Mom of that time Mom said it was bad to feed me from the table.

Now I know where Mom gets her fun-killing attitude. I can’t imagine why it’s bad to feed me from the table.


The new human Kim was nice and if I didn’t love my current family so much I’d have gone to live with her. Of course, I decided going home with her wouldn’t be so much fun since the other new human (who Mom called Butthead, but I don’t think that’s his real name), said they live with a beast even bigger than The Beast and that it would rip my face off. I don’t want my face ripped off. Then  I couldn’t sneak food from Plaything 2’s plate when she leaves it down, which is always, because she’s almost like a teenager, like me, and doesn’t listen to Mom and Dad.

Wait, did I say I love my family back there? Um…yeah..well..I know I’m a teenager, but I guess I sort of do love Mom and Dad and my human brother and human sister. And of course Grandma and Grandpa. Mom says Grandma isn’t really a “dog person” but she is now because of me. That makes me proud. I’ve clearly charmed her.

Just don’t tell my family I said I love them.

Talk to you soon.

Can’t wait to tell you about the spay and if it really makes my fur feel better or not.

Adventures of Zooma the Wonder Dog: out in ‘Wall-kings Glen’

The continuing adventures of Zooma the Wonder Dog, our newest family member, a five month old Cockapoodle/Shetland Sheepdog. As you can see, she likes to tell her own story, from her own perspective. She calls my husband and I “mommy” and “daddy” because we are her adoptive parents and she calls our children Plaything One (my 11-year old son) and Plaything Two (my 3-year old daughter) because she sees them simply as her playthings. I hope you enjoy this latest installment from her.

A couple weeks ago we went to a place Mommy and Daddy called Wall-kings Glen or something like that. The lady in the little building said I wasn’t allowed on the trail so Mommy and Plaything One and Plaything Two stayed with me in the place they called a park and another place called a playground.


The playground was full of creatures that were the same height as Plaything One and Plaything Two but some looked like Mommy and  Daddy only with less gray. Mommy called them college students and then did this weird thing with her eyes, sort of like they rolled around in her head. Then she smiled. It was weird.

At one point Mommy thought we’d never get to Playground because everyone kept stopping to love on me and give me attention. They kept asking “what kind” I was. I don’t know what that meant, but I didn’t care because I learned the best way to get the pets was to wiggle my rear sideways at them and lay on my back so they would rub my belly.

I was just laying on the charm, Mom said. I don’t know what charm is, but I sure like the sound of that.

“Oh look! How sweet!” people kept squealing at me and then my belly was being rubbed and my ears caressed and I was being told what a good girl I was.

I was glad none of them saw me the week before when I was nipping at Plaything One and Plaything Two to try to get them to play with me.

DSC_8600I rolled right on my back every time someone asked to meet me and showed them the belly so they all said “aaawwwww”. I also wiggled my fluffy butt and little tail when an entire group of college boys and girls swooned all over me.

What power.

If only I could figure out how to harness that for more of those cookie treats Mommy and the playthings got me the other day.

Read more of my adventures here: Zooma and the Bunny; Zooma Escapes.


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