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Fiction Friday: The Farmer’s Daughter Chapter 21

I started to post Chapter 21 last night to schedule for this morning and then realized I hadn’t actually finished Chapter 21. Oops. So I finished it this morning. I’d written most of it in my head already… Read More

Fiction Friday: The Farmer’s Daughter Chapter 17

I have to admit that sometimes my stomach tightens when I write certain scenes I know will be uncomfortable for my characters. I know. That’s weird. “They’re fictional characters, Lisa.” That’s what you’re thinking, but to me they… Read More

Fiction Friday: Catching up

I’m not sharing any new fiction this Friday to give time for people to catch up to what I’ve written so far. You can catch up with all of the chapters I’ve shared so far here or at… Read More

Fiction Friday: The Farmer’s Daughter, Chapter 9

We are on Chapter 9 already of The Farmer’s Daughter and I will tell you I’m not sure what’s coming after Chapter 11 because I haven’t hit a writer’s block but I have hit a challenge of where… Read More

A little extra fiction – The Farmer’s Daughter

I thought I’d share some extra fiction today,  beyond the story I’ve been working on with “A Story to Tell,” even though it isn’t Fiction Friday. This is the beginning of another novel in process, The Farmer’s Daughter…. Read More