Sunday Bookends: Keeping it low, blooming flowers, quiet books

Welcome to Sunday Bookends where I ramble about what I’ve been reading, doing, watching, writing and listening to.

What’s Been Occurring

This week we had some difficult news about someone we knew so we laid pretty low and tried to focus on our mental health. I wandered my yard and took a lot of photos of our flowers, which I shared in a post earlier this week.

Last Sunday Little Miss and my dad planted some gladiolus bulbs around the garden.

Friday Little Miss learned how to ride her bike without her training wheels, and she spent almost all day yesterday riding it.

We really didn’t do much else this week because I preferred to hide away from people. Little Miss’ friends who were visiting from Texas left to go back this week and that left us both down. I’ll miss those little girls running up from their great-grandma’s to play with Little Miss every afternoon and them playing together until the light outside was almost too dark to see their hands in front of their faces.

Remember when I was complaining all winter about it being too cold out? Well for two days this week the temperatures were lower (in the 60s!) and I loved it! On Saturday it was spring weather and I was all for it. I loved curling up under the covers with a book and wearing my sweater. I’m not a fan of hot, sticky summer weather so if it is like that in July and August for us, I’m sure I’ll complain a time or two about it on here.

What I/we’ve Been Reading

I am reading quiet books for now.

I am reading The Heart of the Mountains by Pepper Basham on the Kindle.

I am reading Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery in paperback.

I usually read a Kindle book at night when all the lights are off and a paperback during the day.

This week I will be reading Pepper’s book slowly for a book tour that isn’t until late July and Anne’s book slowly because I enjoy taking my time with it.

I am also hoping to start a mystery book of some sort this week or next but I am not sure which one yet.

Little Miss finally let me read Anne of Green Gables to her instead of The Long Winter from The Little House series at night this past week. It’s been a nice break (since this is our second time through the series), but I have discovered she doesn’t fall sleep as fast when I read Anne. Anne speaks very quickly and excitedly and because I do all the voices, Grace gets into the story even more than the other books.

“You speak very fast, and it wakes my brain all up,” she told me Friday night.

I read The Long Winter after that, and she dropped off to sleep in five minutes. Anne might have to be a book we read during the day if this continues.

What I’m Watching

The Husband and I started Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Friday night. It is based on an Agatha Christie book and is a mini-series. We are enjoying it so far. We have two more parts to finish.

My husband either had to work or go to play practice every night during the week so we didn’t watch much else together. I actually didn’t watch much alone either. I had a hard time focusing on anything for very long.

I did rewatch some of As Time Goes By, which is a British sitcom I’ve watched a few times now.

What I’m Writing

I wrote some blog posts to distract myself this week and also worked a little on Mercy’s Shore.

What I’m Listening To

I listened to some Jack White music this week. I needed something different than what I had been listening to. Jack White is a bit too weird for me sometimes, but I love his guitar work. I wouldn’t say I’d recommend listening to him all the time but when you feel a little pissed off at the world (for lack of a better way to explain it right now) it scratches an itch.

Now it’s your turn

Now it’s your turn. What have you been doing, watching, reading, listening to, or writing? Let me know in the comments or leave a blog post link if you also write a weekly update like this.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Bookends: Keeping it low, blooming flowers, quiet books

  1. That smile on Little Miss’s face after she’d ridden her bike had to brighten your day! Since I am also NOT a fan of hot (and humid) weather, I’ve been loving these cooler temps too. But alas, I will have to hang up my sweater because tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 90 again. 😦

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  2. I will send some prayers your way for you and your family for this time you are going through. You have a beautiful family and I love reading your stories about your life there. So much beauty around you but the true beauty is in the people we surround ourselves with. The beauty of people is that it never changes. We can always carry their daily memories with us, even when they are not there at our side in every moment. The children from Texas, your little girl riding her bike for the first time, grandpa planting seeds with the kids…it will never go away. It will live on forever inside of us. People and all the memories we make together are the best gifts God has given us all, no one can ever take them away, always remember that…they live forever in our hearts. When my cousins left for Arkansas we would keep in touch writing letters to each other and sending little gifts through the mail, maybe your daughter would like that with her friends from Texas.

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  3. I’m so sorry to read you have been having challenging times! But happy you can lose yourself in reading! You’ll have to bring Little Miss to my home state of Texas to see her friends! Although, we are in the triple digits pretty much everyday now.
    We enjoyed family time today for Father’s Day – Texas barbecue!
    Looking forward to your upcoming mystery! I will always volunteer to be on your ARC team!

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