Lifestyle blogs and vlogs offer a nice break from the world

Let’s be honest, as “lifestyle” or “family” bloggers we often share our thoughts on our blogs as a way to escape from life, as well as a way to help others escape.

I know I’ve often looked at YouTubers who share videos about aspects of their lives, like gardening or books they read, or places they go and thought, “Why are they sharing this?! Who cares?!” But then I sit there watching anyhow. Why do I watch? Well, because I know that these videos don’t represent all of the person’s life and that they aren’t happy all of the time, but that the videos are a chance for them to escape. I also see these videos as a chance for me to escape too. Life is crazy. The world is crazy. The news is a nightmare. Sometimes I feel like my brain is trying to gnaw its way out of my head just to get away from it all.

That’s when something like a YouTube video about pretty much nothing comes in handy.

I was watching the vlogger from Roots and Refuge Homestead the other day, and while she normally showcases her planting process and updates on her garden and farm, she took a break to talk about some grief she was walking through after the loss of a friend. She gave advice about “grieving well” but also said she doesn’t usually share about the down times in her life because she said she wanted her channel to be a place of refuge for her viewers, which was why she didn’t normally dwell on the struggles in her life too much.

(I am going to leave a link to that post below because it was a very sincere outreach to her viewers. It is at the end of the rest of the video, if you want to fast forward.)

What Jess said in that post made sense to me. I’ve often sat down to write a blog post and have almost let my ugly spill out all over the page (in the past I did let it and I’ve since tried to delete some of those or curb the ugly in them a bit). I try my best to keep the ugly in the pages of my journal, though, not because I want people to think my life is perfect, but sometimes, well, to be quite frank — isn’t it nice to just be able to wander into a blog or onto a video or into a book and forget about the world for a few minutes?

Sure, there have been a couple of times I’ve spouted off a bit about politics, but I’ve later regretted it. I’d love to be like Jess from Roots and Refuge and just offer a place of refuge for readers sometimes. To accomplish that I write stupid and silly posts sometimes. They are posts that some might read and say, “Well, who cares what her random thoughts are?” Just like I did with the videos about someone visiting a bookstore and looking at books.

Videos and posts like that aren’t necessarily going to change the world but they can offer a break from the craziness of that world.

To clarify, no one has ever said my posts are stupid or pointless. Sometimes I imagine they are a little bit pointless and a little silly (not necessarily stupid. I was just teasing about that part.) but don’t we all need a bit of pointless and silly in our lives to remind us that there is some good in the world, that there are places of refuge if not for our physical bodies, for our hearts, minds, and soul?

I think my fellow bloggers know the answer to that question.

Below is a link to that Roots and Refuge video I was talking about and links to a couple other “light” vloggers I watch. I’ve also included a link to some jazz music to listen to while reading or writing or taking a snooze.

Feel free to escape life for a little while. I’m sure you could use a mental vacation like I can and if you have any cool lifestyle, reading, or artsy-type YouTube channels you watch, leave me a link or name in the comments.

Roots and Refuge:

Darling Desi with a warning — she’s just a bit young for me. That’s not a bad thing but I can’t always relate to her or her tastes.



Animals/Conservation (and one of my daughter’s all-time favorite channels)

Sciency Stuff:

Historical Cooking:

Reading/writing/snoozing music:

7 thoughts on “Lifestyle blogs and vlogs offer a nice break from the world

  1. I’m glad someone else gets the Vlogger scene. I end up watching a lot of YouTube. I started watching the RV’ers and Sailing shows and fell in love keeping up with these weekly folks. I wanted to RV so bad. I’m over that now (well sort of) but I ended up doing my own channel as I was so inspired. I had been blogging for years. I work FT so mine are not always every week and my husband even jumps in there with me. I’m still learning and still blogging too but I’m so glad to meet someone else that enjoys these people on YouTube. I also have an exercise lady I follow and I listen to those calming cafe music and rainy cabins, lol. Periodically I post all my favorites too! Take care and enjoy your weekend.

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  3. Yep, I too try to be careful about posting in my blog and strive to be uplifting and encouraging. Oh, I’ve ranted a couple of times, but my aim is not to make the world more stressful, angry, and negative. There’s enough of that to go around countless times. I have to confess I rarely watch You Tube videos. Usually it’s just to find a song. But I took time to watch a couple of your suggestions here. The Grieve Well segment (I just watched the last few minutes) touched my heart. I did like the sciency one but I truly enjoyed the last one with the jazz music. Thanks for posting these!

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    • I actually don’t watch a lot of YouTube either. I realize it sounds like I watch them all the time but I occasionally watch most of these. I’m usually watching old movies, old shows, mysteries or traveling shows. Or reading. Or apologizing to someone for something I don’t need to apologize to them for. 😉😂

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  4. We have such similar tastes it blows my mind sometimes. Lol. I love Roots and Refuge and Weed Em and Reap. Except I think you told me about Weed Em and Reap, so I didn’t find that one without you. Lol. Billy loves those historical cooking people! I do too, especially the ASMR. I will have to check the snake one out, that is right up our alley!

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  5. I am most definitely looking forward to your shares! You are right on point, we all need a break from life at times. I enjoy walking through just that with you, no matter the subject matter. That’s what friends are for!


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