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Last week I was able to get a computer working (after finally finding a local computer repairman!) after I thought it had died almost a year ago and found a ton of photos from 2018. It was the most exciting thing that happened to me all week and I’m not sure what that says about my life.

The computer will still need some work because when I got it home it started shutting off when it was unplugged. The computer dude, as I like to call him, thinks I need a new battery.  He’s probably right and I’ll figure that out in the next month or so. For now I’ll just keep it plugged in when I use it.

Some of my favorites from what I found are below. I found a whole folder of photos I took at a farm last year during my personal project to highlight area dairy farms. The rest were photos of the kids, some of them with our dog, who was just a young pup at the time, and some of family members who have decided (again) that we aren’t good enough for them or have passed away. I’m not sharing many of the family member photos. Too emotional.

It was so surreal to see how much the kids have changed in a little more than a year.



Do not be alarmed. This was my son’s idea.


13 thoughts on “I found some old photos and it was the most exciting part of my week

  1. Sophia Rose says:

    After seeing those, I’m glad for you that you were able to find them on your revitalized computer. They’re great!

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  2. Mama Duck says:

    Really precious moments in these photos. Beautiful!

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  3. Some many favorites I can’t choose one. Beautiful shots as always.

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  4. Thanks for sharing your family, Lisa. Old photos always bring with it, memories; most times good, but sometimes not so good. May the Lord continue to bless you, my friend

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    1. Thank you for looking at them. Even the painful ones are good – it just hurts that we don’t see some of the people in the photos anymore. It will all work out someday, I’m sure 🙂

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  5. I always love finding old photos. 😊 God bless you all!

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  6. mothertherealist says:

    Those are beautiful, and I don’t even know your family. How neat to find them!


    1. I was happy to get the computer back and find the photos. I knew they were there which is one reason I wanted it back but I didn’t know exactly what was there

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