2 thoughts on “Tips for your social media (Facebook) break

  1. What a great article and i turn off facebook regularly and honestly If I wasn’t writing about God I doubt I would even own facebook. Because it is such a time consumer and a time waste mostly but honestly it is sometimes a great place to connect. if it were not for a few people i think i would fully turn it off again. I get so much accomplished in life with out social media and I noticed my brain is a lot more clear without the distraction. helps to get to know people when you are not living on a device. i honestly love my time off the internet! Even now i have to much to do in life. I haven’t been coming online too much anywhere my time has been very limited. and i truly am not saddened by it. been one of the best things i ever did was limit my time I spend online! ❤ and that is what i did. Put down social media and started putting better things in my brain and it truly has been a beautiful blessing to me! I love this article!

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