4 thoughts on “Tips for your social media (Facebook) break

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    I absolutely loved this! i totally turned off all social media for a long time! was the best thing I ever did. Even lately I haven’t had a lot of time for social media and i do mean even word press. i have been so busy in life accomplishing things and honestly it is great. and for years now instead of digging throw needless post. i pick up good healthy books. the bible. I pick up so many useful things. I don’t miss all that useless time i use to be on social media. Just being honestly. and it has been super nice making myself get off the box! it’s good to get hobbies. pick up side jobs. something productive you can show for your time instead of how many statues you liked. As we get older we think of time a little different then youngsters. Or I know i truly do. Are you investing your time wisely? I truly am trying to!


  3. What a great article and i turn off facebook regularly and honestly If I wasn’t writing about God I doubt I would even own facebook. Because it is such a time consumer and a time waste mostly but honestly it is sometimes a great place to connect. if it were not for a few people i think i would fully turn it off again. I get so much accomplished in life with out social media and I noticed my brain is a lot more clear without the distraction. helps to get to know people when you are not living on a device. i honestly love my time off the internet! Even now i have to much to do in life. I haven’t been coming online too much anywhere my time has been very limited. and i truly am not saddened by it. been one of the best things i ever did was limit my time I spend online! ❤ and that is what i did. Put down social media and started putting better things in my brain and it truly has been a beautiful blessing to me! I love this article!

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