Boondock Ramblings

Socially thinking: Phubbing. You may not know what it is, but I bet you’ve done it.

Phubbing. Maybe you’ve never heard the term, but I bet you’ve done it. And if you haven’t done it, then it’s been done to you. According to Psychology Today, phubbing is “the practice of snubbing others in favor… Read More

Creatively Thinking: Too much social media kills creativity

I’ve decided the more I’m off social media, the more creative I can be, which is why it looks like another social media detox is coming up in the next week or so and it may last 30-days… Read More

The noise of social media is deafening

The mental noise stirred up by social media is deafening – so deafening we can’t hear ourselves think. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all blaring in our ears and the words they are screaming are “Look at me!… Read More