Boondock Ramblings

Short Fiction: Better Than Whiskey

The alcohol had dulled his senses, but he still take in how good she looked in that low-cut tank top. Looking down the length of the bar, it was clear a few other men had noticed too. She… Read More

Flash Fiction: Strike It Rich

I am still working on this one, but still thought I’d share it for fun. It was rejected for a flash Fiction magazine but I was given some pointers to improve it. I may share it again when… Read More

Flash Fiction Fun in 60 words. No more. No Less.

I’ve joined a new “social media” site, which is more social than other “social media” sites. It is not as active, but it is friendlier. My dad calls Facebook a social discord site, rather than a social site…. Read More

The Sacrifice

I challenged myself this weekend by deciding I’d use a photo as the basis for a 300-word flash fiction piece idea. I challenged myself to make it 300 words, no more, no less. This was the photo: And… Read More

Flash Fiction: The Open Road

They would leave together. Hand in hand. Alone, yet together on this journey. She was leaving behind all she’d ever known. Her mother, sweet and tender. Her father, hard and stubborn, yet she knew he loved her. The… Read More

Alex’s Sugar Report

  Alex’s Sugar Report “Warner. Mail.” The sergeant tossed the letter at him on his way by. Alex snatched it from where it had fallen on his bunk. He smelled the perfume before he even saw the return… Read More

Flash Fiction: A Dog in the Daisies

Nothing felt the same since the fire. They’d lost everything. Barking in the distance caught his attention. He looked out across the field of daisies, searching. There. On the other side of the brook. Could it be him?… Read More

Flash Fiction: Protest

Fern watched her father gathering his winter clothes together. “Dad, you’re not going to that protest are you?” “It’s not a protest, it’s a rally,” he said with a sigh, pulling his woolen har down on his head… Read More

Flash Fiction: Carrying His Wife Out

From the Carrot Ranch Writing Prompt for January 9: “A Carried Wife”. To see the first part of this continuing flash fiction, see Writing Prompt: When the Wealth Didn’t Matter.  They had to carry her out when they… Read More