Flash Fiction: Carrying His Wife Out

From the Carrot Ranch Writing Prompt for January 9: “A Carried Wife”. To see the first part of this continuing flash fiction, see Writing Prompt: When the Wealth Didn’t Matter. 

They had to carry her out when they found him lying there on the floor by the hutch covered in blood.

How could he have done it? Why would he have done it? He had all a man could want, all she could give him. Hadn’t the money been enough all these years?

They called it a miracle that she’d walked in when she had; startling him and causing him to drop the gun and shoot himself in the foot instead of the head liked he had intended. She’d collapsed when the gun went off, falling against the hutch.

January 9, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a carried wife. Why is she being carried? Who is carrying? Pick a genre if you’d like and craft a memorable character. Go where the prompt leads!

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13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Carrying His Wife Out

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  3. I’m so used to long, meandering stories that I find it so impressive you managed to put so much story into 99 words. The why is such a haunting question. I’d love to know who these people are and how they got there and what would come next for them. There’s an amazing stroke of good luck, possibly for both of them, but, seriously, ow.

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