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Saturday Mornings Sessions

Saturday mornings are relaxed and casual in my home.

Ocassionally we take a trip somewhere, but no matter where we are, Saturdays are reserved for family time.

For the month of August I will be offering Saturday Mornings Sessions, a chance to capture your family together, whether at home or while participating in a family activity.


All sessions are $200 and include your digital images and a print release, which allows you to print or use your digital images for personal use.

Contact me at to book your session.

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New life

It’s spring and it has me thinking about new life, but especially the one we welcomed in the Fall.
She was the surprise that caught me off guard in blissful shock .

Tiny little Grace bouncing on the ultrasound. Feet and arms moving everywhere at nine weeks and she never stopped.

Nine months later she was in my arms and she wasn’t new, she was familiar, someone I’d known forever.

We looked at each other that day as if to say “oh hello. It’s you again.”

Like Jonathan, she and I were immediate best friends, immediately symbiotic and immediately in love, with her my baby and me her mama.

I’m excited to experience her life as intimately as I have my son’s, but this time I am blessed to watch their lives intertwine like two vines up a tree.



DSC_3993-Edit DSC_4958-Edit

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10 on 10 for June: Time at the pond

Note: This is part of a 10 on 10 circle I’m part of through The Bloom Forum where we post 10 photos from one event on the 10th day of th month. Please check the bottom of the post for a link to the next person!
Grandpa hates to fish.

Jonathan loves it.

Grandpa is 70.

Jonathan is 7.

Grandpa took Jonathan fishing at his pond, even though he hates fishing.

First worms were found in the dug up garden soil.

Then some fish were caught and thrown back.

A good time was had by all.

Until the golf cart we drove to the pond in got stuck and we had to try to push it out and the littlest member of the party got covered in a bit of mud. Actually…even that was fun because it meant laughing about the mud and then getting cleaned off with the hose.



DSC_8631-Edit DSC_8681-EditDSC_8687-Edit DSC_8691-Edit DSC_8711-Edit DSC_8718-Edit DSC_8747-Edit-2 DSC_8786-Edit-Edit



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10 on 10: Growing up fast…{Bradford County, Pa. Photographer}

He’s growing up so fast.
One moment he was a newborn in my arms and the next he is a laughing 7-year old, making my days brighter simply by his existence.

I am making the most of every moment we have together, alone, these next five months, because in October things will change, our dynamic will change. I know it will be a good change when we welcome a new member to our family, but it will still be a change.

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