Summer’s End: new discoveries | Athens PA Child Photographer

This post is part of my Summer’s End photo project. Summer is a special time in my family. It’s time for us to be together without nights of homework, gaps of separation for school and school-related activities. This year our summer is even more special because we have a new member of the family to participate in all the fun.

I’ve been heading out to the towering tomato plant my dad planted at the beginning of the summer with my son every day for two weeks now, waiting for my cherry tomatoes to ripen. I’m the only one in the family who eats them. Or I was, because our 10-month old daughter decided the other day she’d try them out while I was picking some to see if they would ripen off the vine as my parents had suggested. _DSC7632-Edit



They’re not quite ripe and not the grapes she thought they were, but she still seemed to like them.


_DSC7617_DSC7611 _DSC7610 _DSC7605

_DSC7643-Edit _DSC7638 _DSC7624 _DSC7620

Mornings with Gracie | Athens, PA Child Photographer

From the moment she wakes up, 10-month old Gracie is looking to explore. Our mornings are a blur of movement for about three hours until she crashes hard for her morning nap.
She’s recently started walking so each morning is a new opportunity to see how far her feet will carry her.


Often this walking and exploring starts before I am even fully awake. Her latest delight is walking but also crawling up the stairs and then waiting for me to carry her back down so she can do it all over again.


She’s also exploring cupboards and drawers and anything else her little chubby hands can open and get into.

_DSC7356 _DSC7355-3_DSC7347_DSC7345_DSC7334-3_DSC7318_DSC7352



Weekly favorites: August 3 to August 8 | Bradford County, PA Photographer

It was a fun week this week. If I wasn’t pulling Grace out of the dog and cat’s water dish, I was taking the kids to a local farm so they could get up and close with the animals. Of course, we didn’t expect Jonathan to become a salt lick for a curious horse.
_DSC7051-Edit_DSC7055_DSC7105_DSC7132_DSC7117 _DSC7439_DSC7482-Recovered_DSC7481_DSC7490_DSC7506 _DSC7509

Weekly Favorites: July 26 to August 2 | Athens, PA Child Photography

It was a week full of relaxed summer days. It was time to reflect on how quickly my children are growing and how delightful it is to watch them bloom into amazing personalities.
_DSC6288-Edit_DSC6294-EditMy oldest is bright and funny and crazy.

He has inherited our sense of humor, our sarcasm (which is not always good), and our passion for talking about the things he loves. For now he loves Legos and Minecraft and Doctor Who.



My daughter is ten months old. She is determined, joyful and as amazing as her older brother. On this day she was climbing a slide and not too interested in slowing down when mama said ‘no’.





Weekly Favorites July 12 to July 19 | Athens, Pennsylvania Photographer

My husband was on vacation this week so there was plenty of traveling time and family time and also plenty of chances for some weekly favorite photos.
_DSC5693-Edit _DSC5720-Edit _DSC5779-Edit _DSC5787-Edit-Edit-2 DSC_6365-2-Edit DSC_6415-Edit

Saturday Mornings Sessions

Saturday mornings are relaxed and casual in my home.

Ocassionally we take a trip somewhere, but no matter where we are, Saturdays are reserved for family time.

For the month of August I will be offering Saturday Mornings Sessions, a chance to capture your family together, whether at home or while participating in a family activity.


All sessions are $200 and include your digital images and a print release, which allows you to print or use your digital images for personal use.

Contact me at to book your session.

Weekly Favorites



A day at the lake…..

_DSC1974-Edit _DSC2037-Edit _DSC2057-Edit_edited-2


New life

It’s spring and it has me thinking about new life, but especially the one we welcomed in the Fall.
She was the surprise that caught me off guard in blissful shock .

Tiny little Grace bouncing on the ultrasound. Feet and arms moving everywhere at nine weeks and she never stopped.

Nine months later she was in my arms and she wasn’t new, she was familiar, someone I’d known forever.

We looked at each other that day as if to say “oh hello. It’s you again.”

Like Jonathan, she and I were immediate best friends, immediately symbiotic and immediately in love, with her my baby and me her mama.

I’m excited to experience her life as intimately as I have my son’s, but this time I am blessed to watch their lives intertwine like two vines up a tree.



DSC_3993-Edit DSC_4958-Edit

DSC_3964-Edit-3_edited-1 DSC_3809-Edit DSC_4356-Edit-2 _DSC1698-Edit _DSC1771-Edit