A Photo A Day in May and looking back at April’s photos

April isn’t all the way over yet, but I thought I’d look back on some photos from the month and talk about a project I hope to do in May.

I have decided to take on a photo project for May and take at least one photo a day. If anyone knows me, taking one photo is like being able to eat only one potato chip – it isn’t easy for me. What I’ve done in the past when I do these projects is choose one photo to represent the day.

I’m hoping this will encourage me to be creative even on the days I don’t feel like being creative. I’ve been a creative slug in many ways over the last several years and I’m trying to pull myself out of that rut.

I’ve even started a photography-related Instagram account again, if you would like to follow it:


I don’t think I’ll post the photos on here every day – I’ll probably post them at the end of each week.

Stay tuned!

(Also, most of you have seen these photos already and they aren’t super exciting but I figure sometimes we need something not very exciting in our days.)

10 thoughts on “A Photo A Day in May and looking back at April’s photos

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    • Oh you can totally do it! I don’t have an exciting life at all. You can just take a photo of flowers or something that means something to you on that day and then when you look back at the end of the month you can reflect on your month. It’s fun!

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  2. I just followed you on IG! I like this a lot! I think I used to take photos pretty much every day. Everything just went so out of whack that I still take a good few, but certainly not every day anymore. 😦 Remember to back everything up!

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