Our summer in photos

Now that it is autumn (though not meteorologically so), I suppose it is time to look back on our summer through photographs. I have to say that choosing the photos for this post reminded me of what a good summer we actually had this year. After the rough end of 2021 we had, I was especially grateful for summer this year and was glad to live it as full as possible.

Little Miss’ friends came from Texas to visit at the beginning of the summer.

We took a few day trips during the summer, then there were many trips down the slip n’ slide and trips to my parents’ pool, enjoying our summer flowers, playing with the pets, and helping my dad pick his garden.

How was your summer? Can you even believe it’s already (or almost officially) autumn (here in the Northern Hemisphere at least)?

12 thoughts on “Our summer in photos

  1. Gorgeous photos as always!!!! Can’t wait to see your autumn pics, you’re blessed with beautiful scenery (and family) in your neck of the woods especially as the leaves change color..I always admire your church and “fall decorated tree” pics❤️

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