Area farms are struggling and it’s hard to see

It’s been rough in our area.

No rain and farms are suffering.

Seeing my neighbor’s and farm friends suffer breaks my heart.

The farmer where we got our dog shared this last week: “I see a rainbow in the distance. Apparently, some lucky people got rain. Nothing here. That being said. If anyone is interested in purchasing some beef cattle or milking cattle please pm me. We are so short of feed and the corn looks horrific. I see no possible way to make it through winter with the little feed we have. Beef cattle are off pasture, spring dried up. Dry cows and heifers we let into a crep area pond, their spring is dry and the wells at both farms and getting desperate.”

I don’t have any words of wisdom. I don’t have an agenda to push. I don’t know how to fix it all. I just ask you to remember our farmers in your prayers. Their job is important and small family farms are dying.

A few years ago, I took some photos at local farms as part of a personal photography project. I’d love to do it again. To remind people of what it used to be like and what is slowly fading away.

12 thoughts on “Area farms are struggling and it’s hard to see

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  2. I feel for them! We’re far from proper farming areas, but we do have a lot of fields, and they’ve been suffering from lack of rain. It’s so bad in California some farmers have had to resort to tapping into the water for residential communities. Water has been either so hard to come by or literally flooding areas this year. It’s crazy. But I hope rain will be on its way soon.

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  3. We live in a farming area too and it breaks my heart to see how farmers are struggling, resorting to selling off their livestock and/or land. We have gotten a bit of rain and that helps but more prayers are needed because the lack of rain isn’t the only thing hurting them right now. I love every one of your photos but the young boy surrounded by cattle all looking at him is priceless!

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