Winter isn’t done with us yet

Looks like Old Man Winter isn’t ready to leave Pennsylvania.

Today we received some really messy snow that canceled events and meetings. This weekend we are supposed to get even more. I am a homebody, which I’ve mentioned before, but this winter is getting to be a bit long. It hasn’t really been the snow that has been the issue this winter, it’s been the cold and ice and just flat out messy road conditions.

We had arctic temperatures for about two months, which didn’t let the snow from late December melt. We’ve been able to see the ugly yellow-green grass for a couple of weeks now but today the snow has covered it again. It was mainly ice covering it before.

Weather forecasters originally said it would be melted by this evening because the ground has been so cold. Then around 1:30, they announced they were wrong and we were going to get four or five more inches before the day was over. Tomorrow we are supposed to have partly sunny weather and higher temps so, this snowfall should be gone by tomorrow night. Maybe. Hopefully. Who knows at this point.

But then comes Saturday. We are expected to get five to ten inches (or maybe more I heard this afternoon). I’m going to add a disclaimer, though, because the last time we were told we might get that much snow we got about two, maybe three inches. In other words, I’m not freaking out about Saturday just yet.

Here we are, waiting for spring, and Pennsylvania is being her usual, annoying self, and bringing us winter. The geese and the rest of the birds are very confused by it all. I could hear the birds chirping away, probably telling each other what we humans are telling ourselves, “It’s going to be fine. A couple more storms and winter will finally be behind us.”

The funny thing is, I saw my first robin this morning – hopping around on my neighbor’s driveway, in the snow. Poor thing. I swear, though, the robins around here are super fat. They look like they’ve eaten a couple other robins.

I don’t actually mind another week of winter in some ways. That gives me another week of curling up under a warm blanket with a cup of herbal tea (with tons of local honey, of course) and a book or a good show.

So how about you? How is the weather where you are? Hopefully, it is warm and sunny or going to be warm and sunny soon!

8 thoughts on “Winter isn’t done with us yet

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  2. Looks like Christmas, so beautiful. We have sunny days and Spring flowers here right now. Up north there is snow but not a lot. Just gray and cold is what a friend of mine emailed me the other day from the town where Our little red house is. She wrote that she stayed inside and baked a pie for her and her husband. I think it is all nice but I would get tired of it staying the same all the time. Our summers are brutal here and I never look forward to that.

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    • Yes, we all have to seem to deal with our extreme weather in one season or another. Here is to hoping you don’t have another brutal summer. We are having another snow storm today but it looks to be our last gasp because the temps are warming up next week. This snow will be gone by the end of the week, if not earlier. The other snow melted the next day.


  3. Nope, not warm and sunny here. We have the same view outside as you do – lots of snow. This morning is in incredibly foggy and icy on top of that and we are supposed to get more snow Saturday. Spring’s not sprung yet!


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