He is holding me in his hands

I posted this to Instagram today and will write more on my blog later …

Bettie.. please pray for me.

This is the view outside my hospital room where I am battling Covid. I came in Thursday and am already doing so much better. Would love prayers that that trend continues. I was on a small amount of oxygen when I came in and am off that now. I have prayed this entire time to Jehovah Rapha, Jesus Christ, our healer, Yeshua, Elohim, Adonai. Hold fast to him and he will hold fast to you. He has been there when no one else could be. I have had to go this alone as no visitors are allowed but I can talk to family on FaceTime. God has been my strength and I have no one to hold on to but him. It brings a whole new meaning to him sustaining me completely and wholly. Not sure any of this will make sense. The brain fog is rough and the steroids make me jittery. God bless.
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    • Thank you so much. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever faced in my life. I am still scared but trying to trust that God has brought me through. I am so glad to be home as of last night but I worry I could relapse even though I don’t know if I need to worry about it or not! I would love to still receive prayers as I nagivate this mentally.


  1. Lisa, praise the Lord you are making progress. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Lord God, continue to bless Lisa with healing as she recovers from her illness. Praise goes out to her medical providers. Hold her loving family in your arms as well.


  2. Oh Dear Lisa, I wondered why your blog was quiet!! I sure will be praying for you!! Dear Lord Jesus, Thank You that Your hands are big enough to hold my dear sister while she is away from everyone she loves! Please bring Your healing touch to her tonight. Let her feel Your strength flowing into her lungs now. And please comfort her family thru this trial too. In Your name, Amen. I’m sending you hugs and love across the miles!!

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