Randomly Thinking: My quipping 15-year old, my 7-year old is sending me texts, and purses.

I’ve been trying to finish one of these for a couple of months now. Something always seems to interrupt or distract me, though. So this might not be the most exciting randomly thinking ever, but at least I’m finally getting one done.

Recently my son and I have been watching videos for science and he likes to let me know subtly that they aren’t the best produced things every by pausing them and adlibbing.

“Look at that lion. He looks so depressed. He looks like his wife just left him.”

The women on the video then asked if the lion had a backbone so they could discuss what category the lion would be placed into.  

“No,” my son responded. “He doesn’t have a backbone. That’s probably why his wife left him.”

“That word sounds like a disease. Is it a disease?”

“Yes, he’s slimy he left the Denny’s without giving them a tip.”

Finally, he said, “I have to stop doing this or we’re never going to finish this video.”

Exactly. He was simply dragging his lesson out even more, so he finally stopped.


One night my son and I were watching a documentary about the various palaces the British monarchy live in. The first part of the series was about Buckingham Palace and among the many features the woman was talking about was a statue of a naked Mars and Venus. Before we knew it she was touching the bare right buttock and upper thigh of Venus and telling us how supple and soft it looks and how smooth it feels. She then pointed out a small space between the two statues and called that space a “erotic space.”

Needless to say, that documentary took a very weird turn.

At one point The Boy used his adlibbing again and said, while speaking like the female host, “When the queen sits on the throne, she just sucks the life force out of us. That’s how she stays alive and why I look so old. I’m actually 20.”


The other night my son said, “You know people who were born in the 90s are in their 30s now? That’s totally crazy.”

“Um…thanks for that reminder,” I said, my voice full of sarcasm. “Most of them are actually in their 20s, but okay. And I was born in the 70s you know.”

My daughter looked at me in horror. “You were born in the 70s?!!”

My son. “Yes, she is old.”

So, anyhow, if you want to be humbled, have children.


Have you ever thought maybe you should see what the other “theys” in the world think before you tell everyone you’re doing something because “they said I had to”? And maybe you should ask why some “theys” are censored and no longer experts while other “theys” are the only experts you’re allowed to listen to. How different the world might be right now if more people did that.


I’ve had to cut back on milk to try to lose some weight and I reminded my son of this as I had him pour me half a cup the other night.

He deepened his voice and added a gravelly rasp to it.

“I had to cut the milk. After that guy came after me and told me he wanted the money I’d taken off him and I didn’t remember it because you know — the milk – it messed with my mind.”

Then he had me in a milk anonymous meeting saying, in the same low voice, “My name is Lisa and I’m addicted to milk. It’s destroyed my life. Don’t start drinking it. It’s a slippery slope.”


At the end of last school year, I was worried Little Miss wasn’t going to learn to read. Now I get messages like this on my phone from her:


Little Miss and I are reading a book called Freedom Crossing for school. It is about the Underground Railroad. In the first chapter, the main character, a 15-year old girl, is hiding and listening while her brother and another young man talk about her. She finally steps out and tells the boys she has heard every word.

Little Miss and I agreed to continue the story the next day and then she announced, “Yeah, she’s probably going to kick them in their weak spot because all boys have a weak spot.” She grinned at me. “Right between the legs. That’s what I’d do. I would kick them because I’m feisty. I wouldn’t let anyone talk about me and what they think I’m going to do.”

Yes, we did have to have a little conversation about violence after that, especially since she has tried this tactic on her brother and now I know she’s doing it on purpose more times than she admits.


Run, don’t walk, to get a copy of all the books of the Rembrandt Stone series. I just finished the last book in the series and oh gosh. Wow. Blown away by the whole series. Cried like a baby while reading the final book not once, not twice, but three times. And I mean outright sobbed. I’m sure that had nothing to do with the fact I had a 102-degree fever and was completely exhausted. Okay, it might have had a little to do with that, but mainly it was because the ending hit all the spots a time travel/romantic suspense book should. I felt empty when I finished it. Lost even. How could I read anything else that captivated me the way those books did? I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll eventually find something.

The books are by David James Warren.


I posted this on my Instagram earlier this week and thought I’d share it here too so my blog readers can’t let me know what they think too.

Ladies, tell me about your purses. I should probably explain that I am not really a “girly girl” so shoes and purses are not my usual thing to talk about but recently I purchased a purse that was small and cute and I thought I would love it. I haaaated it! I couldn’t fit all my stuff in it. Where was the space for my planner and my Kindle and maybe a paperback book? Not to mention my essential oils, bottle of ibuprofen for the days Aunt Flo shows up out of the blue, and a pocket for snacks for the kids because they didn’t eat their breakfast when I told them to and now we’re out somewhere and they are “hangry”. In other words, I didn’t need a purse I needed a bag. Yes, a big bag to apparently put everything but the kitchen sink in and carry around on my shoulder so that I pinch that nerve in my neck yet again and have to find a chiropractor, yet again.

How about you?

Do you like small, cute purses that are unassuming and you can carry to your dinner date without knocking ten people out on the way to your seat? Or do you need a “bag” that you can fit everything important in? Or do you have more than one purse that you switch back and forth? Maybe you’re much fancier when it comes to purses than I am. 😉


Well, those are my random thoughts for this time around. Do you have anything random that happened to you or a random thought? Let me know in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Randomly Thinking: My quipping 15-year old, my 7-year old is sending me texts, and purses.

  1. A big bag, I am not so good with pretty little things. I usually get some sort of paint or furniture glue on them. I am always doing some sort of project. This week we discovered that are neighbors parrot can now mimic a cat when it is in heat. It is a terrible noise, like a weird barking dog. The parrot also does sirens, car alarms and someone’s ring tone in the house. It is the funniest thing. I used to think that no one picked up the phone in that house because it was always ringing. I have been outside painting a block wall and I keep hearing that parrot and the different noises it makes while I paint. That’s it over here in Phoenix. Oh, and I started putting out some Christmas.


  2. I love your interactions with your kids!❤️
    I have a huge purse bag and I love it…until I lose something little at the bottom and have to pull everything out to find it!!


  3. I’m dreading my son becoming a teen, but, gosh, they really can be funny sometimes! I also have a feeling my daughter will be like yours in a few years; so sweet and sassy, but also a little dangerous. Kids may be exhausting, but also endlessly entertaining, though it makes me wonder what they’ll all be like as adults.

    My mom never carried a purse, so I grew up believing I don’t need one and haven’t ever really carried one. A few years ago, I crocheted my own little bag just big enough to hold what I need, but I insist on calling it a bag. When I take my kids somewhere for a few hours or more, I just shove everything into a diaper bag and end up finding surprises months later. If I were sure I could put everything in my pockets, I honestly wouldn’t carry a bag of any kind around.

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  4. Lisa, there must never be a dull moment as you experience the love from the contrasting life frames of a 15-year old and a 7-year old. My middle daughter experiences a similar situation with a 12th grade son, 7th grade daughter, and preschool daughter.

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  5. Well, of course, you need a big bag versus a little purse…you are still young and you have kids!! 😉 I don’t use big bags anymore because I am old. I love my little crossbody one I got at the LL Bean outlet in Maine. The only time I need a bigger tote is when we travel and I use a sling chest pack for that. My neck and back thank me for that!

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  6. Kids are HYSTERICAL! 🙂 Love it! Our youngest daughter (4 years old) loves wearing dresses. Her oldest sister (15 years old) used to when she was younger. The oldest was explaining this to her younger sister and the younger quips, “Well, maybe I won’t want to wear them anymore either when I’m old and grumpy like you.” I couldn’t stop laughing 🙂 They are very similar in temperament so I’m grateful there are several years between them, lol. I love the things that come out of their mouths…even when they are calling us old…although I have been training them to say older person instead of old person…hoping that will make me feel better, lol!! God Bless!

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  7. The purse/bag issue cracks me up! I’m the same way! Sometimes if I’m going shopping with my mom I’ll take both – a bag for everything I need and a smaller purse just for going in the stores. The struggle is real! 🤣

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    • Agreed! I forgot to comment on the bag/purse issue, lol! I like both..depending on the situation. I’m not a huge girly girl either, but have been known to pick up random bags from the thrift store (drives my husband a little bonkers, lol). I have a big bag for all the stuff (diapers, wipes, blankets, extra clothes, etc etc) and a nice sized bag for going into the grocery store (enough space for pens, wallet, checkbook, papers, etc etc). It’s the only way i can do it 🙂 God Bless!

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