Looking back at September

I’m a week late for this looking back at September but . . . oh well . . . it’s my blog, I can be late if I want to, right?

In some ways September was fairly routine and boring, but in other ways it was a weird month.

It started out weird with my daughter’s snake bite and a trip to the ER, even though said snake was not poisonous. We still don’t know what happened but she passed out after the snake bite or after she hit her head on the table and then passed out at least one more time when my husband picked her up.

All tests were fine and we brought her home and then there was some more minor weirdness in the month with a dog being sprayed with a skunk and a spider falling on Little Miss and then Little Miss and The Boy catching a cold that somehow skipped me and my husband.

Before the weird snake debacle, we visited the local fair and that was about the only exciting thing we did in September, other than visiting my 89-year-old aunt and celebrating my birthday.

The rest of the month was full of homeschooling and pretty routine events.

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  1. Always love your photos. Looks like September was a fun month except for that snake bite, that’s scary. My favorite photos are of your family smiling and having fun spending time together. Oh and I forgot to comment on your last batch of photos, your kitten has striking eyes. He is a wanderer for sure. Our ginger cat is like that and he too has big expressive eyes.

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