Creative Fusion: Book Review with Celebrate Lit

Book: Creative Fusion

Author: Charity Bowman Webb

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Living/Personal Growth

Release date: October 19, 2021

From the beginning of time, God endowed people with His creative intending for them to rule and steward over all the earth.

But Satan—once heaven’s most beautiful and creative angel—convinced Adam and Eve that the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would give them a power that they already had. The moment that they ate the fruit, they handed their authority over to Satan. Oppression ruled the world; instead of the luminosity of heaven’s pattern advancing through the planet, creeping darkness took hold.

The enemy knows the highly effective powers of creativity all too well. Despite being cut off from its divine origin, he uses it with vigor to effectively communicate his counterfeit and repetitive message across the world.

Creative Fusion follows the interlinking tabernacle pattern of God laid out from Genesis through Revelation to provide Christians with the answers to reclaim the Lord’s creative energy and His DNA that He placed within us.

Author Charity Bowman-Webb wants readers to discover the magnificent wisdom in Scripture that will help them influence every area of society and harvest souls for God’s kingdom.

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My Review

Creative Fusion by Charity Bowman Webb is a must read for Christian creatives, but it is also a must read for all Christians. Don’t let the title fool you. This is not a book only aimed at those who have careers or hobbies in what we traditionally know as “the arts”; things like writing, painting, drama, photography, singing and dancing. This is a book aimed at all of God’s creations, who He instilled his inherhent creativity in at the moment of their conception.

The book is a reminder that God implanted creativity in all of us and not only those of us in “the arts.” Webb uses passages in the Bible to show that we are creative beings because we were created by the ultimate creator. That creativity can be used in whatever field God has placed us in — teaching, construction, law enforcement, motherhood, the ministry, whatever. It isn’t only reserved for photography, writing, dancing, painting, or acting. The very act of using our brain to find solutions in any aspect of our life is an example of the creativity which God instilled in us, according to Webb.

One of the main messages of the book is that we are creating together with God and for God to bring honor to him.

“Co-creation with God enables us to become personally involved in the process of stretching spiritual capacity as the Holy Spirit multiplies our skill and magnifies our understanding,” Webb writes. “Our willingness to learn from God can open a kaleidoscope of communications.”

Creative Fusion is a well-thought out, well-written message to anyone, of any age and even of any faith, that God instilled creativity in us so that we can create in tandem with him.

“We were never meant to create alone,” she writes. “All the education in the world could never be enough to form anything of eternal value. Many people have strived with excessive effort to produce something of unique wroth. Yet when such endeavors are pursued by people disconnected from God, their efforts can be their undoing. . . . But when we learn to co-create in collaboration with the Creator, the journey becomes excitingly personal.”

The book is stuffed from front to back with encouragement, advice, but most of all with the painting of a vivid picture of what life can be like if we create with God in every facet of our life.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

My rating is 4.5 out of 5

About the Author

Charity Bowman-Webb is passionate about the prophetic and creativity. Her goal is to equip people to discover the creative DNA that God has planted in His children so that they can change culture and live their full design.

Charity works to ignite creative and pioneering ways of releasing God’s Spirit in the church and on the mission field. As the director of Streams Creative House, a mission of Streams Ministries International, Charity’s heart and calling are to help believers explore God though a depth of relationship, develop maturity through their revelatory gifts, and see restoration and understanding of the creativity of God released to transform society. She is passionate about helping Christians deepen their relationship with God by exploring their spiritual gifts and God-given creativity for worship, intercession, and mission.

In her native Scotland, she led the national creative team for CLAN (Christians Linked Across the Nation) for six years, helping to form a new pioneering community. She is also the cofounder of Blue Flame Ministry and helped to pioneer an evangelistic movement in prophetic and creative mission, training, and leading teams into secular settings.

Charity is also the author of Limitless: God’s Creative Mandate for His Church. She speaks regularly at ministries and churches for conferences, courses, and special events throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, and Singapore.

Charity and her husband, Alan, have two daughters and make their home in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

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