Randomly Thinking: Aliens, smart dogs, and leg hair

Welcome to a post of my random thoughts. Enter at your own risk.

Every night when I let our dog out one last time, I lock both the outside and inside door. Honestly, I’m not afraid of humans breaking in. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking that locking the door will keep the bear from getting in. I know. It’s ridiculous. Bears don’t even have opposable thumbs. It is even more ridiculous because no one in the neighborhood has seen the bear this year. Plus, bears are not known for breaking into homes. There is always a first time, though.


Every other day I walk past the fridge, open it, and take out the maple syrup bottle and take a swig, like it’s whiskey. I’m not addicted. I can stop anytime I want to.


I think I’ve mentioned here before that our older cat, Pixel, likes to jump up on our bathroom sink and wait for me to turn it on so she can get a drink. She’s been doing this for a couple of years now, shortly after we adopted her. The other night, though, she’d had her drink when I brought our dog, Zooma, from outside and we went up to get ready for bed. Zooma walked into the bathroom and looked at the faucet and then me, like she was expecting something. I told her I hadn’t brought any food up and then it hit me. She didn’t want food.

“Is your water dish empty? No. That can’t be it. You can’t be that smart.”

Well, apparently my dog is Lassie because I went downstairs and her bowl (which she shares with the cats) is bone dry.

“What’s that Zooma? There’s no water in your bowl?”

Not only did I fill it to the brim but we decided we are buying another bowl so our animals have plenty of water when are too distracted by life to properly care for them.


Interesting that the US government is claiming there will be information presented to Congress in a month about UFOs. This comes in the midst of people pouring over the Southern border, gas shortages, a senile president (in office after the bi-polar psychopath president), government officials trying to separate us by race, violence in the Middle East, people screaming at each other about who is and isn’t vaccinated, a pandemic (was it really, though?I don’t even know anymore), weird information coming out about who did and didn’t really die from SARS2 (yes, there was a SARS1), Republicans and Democrats always pointing fingers at each other and playing the victim (seriously, I’m about to file as an independent), and our government funneling money to a terrorist nation.

Distraction anyone? Because otherwise, why announce that a report is coming out in a month? And why suddenly, after years of saying there are no such things as UFOs, the government says there are? And why are all the photos and videos always fuzzy, even though we have millions of people with high definition lenses and cameras who have yet to have photographed these same UFOs so we can see them without the grain?

Lockdowns are being lifted, masks are being taken off, people aren’t dying in droves from a virus so our politicians (of both parties) need another way to control us and that control always comes via fear. Enter the aliens.

Slight of hand is a tricky thing.

So is gaslighting.


I finally started watching Jonathan Creek on the BritBox app through Amazon. I’ll let you know what I think of it in a future edition of Sunday Bookends. I didn’t write Sunday bookends last week because I forgot and then when I remembered, I realized nothing exciting had happened that I could write about. I was even still reading the same books from the previous week.


In my last Randomly Thinking post I joked that I was worried that our neighbor’s had installed some taller trees between our properties because of something my crazy family had done. It turns out that the husband ordered the trees thinking they were a lot smaller and when he got home from work he was shocked at their size. His wife said he told her, “I’m going to have to cut those down in a couple of years! They’ll be huge.” It totally sounded like something me or my husband would do – order the wrong size trees. By the way, our neighbors are absolutely awesome and we really do try to reign in our crazy so we don’t fighten them.


 Quote from my son last night after he started coughing: “Dude, I just accidentally inhaled my leg hair.” That’s something I never thought I’d hear.


Those are a few of my random thoughts for the week. What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments.

17 Comments on “Randomly Thinking: Aliens, smart dogs, and leg hair

  1. Oh my goodness I’m cracking up!!! Maple syrup to our very frustrating government to swallowing leg hair!! Love these random thought updates, brings some much needed fun to the table!!

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    • Today I was thinking that I think I already told the maple syrup story somewhere else on here, maybe even a Randomly Thinking post. I might becoming my dad now. Repeating stories. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha well I have to tell you that you drinking the maple syrup happened to get brought up around my family’s dinner table last night! And they laughed and laughed…from there I broke my dinner table rule, busted out my phone and my family enjoyed stories from some of your random thinking posts, plus your beautiful photography, they watched the cat stuck in the tree video not once but three times, listened to me read a few pieces from a few of your books because your writing style is right up my girls’ interest’s alley….oh and my son officially wants a medieval times helmet!!!!! All of this doesn’t make us stalkers, we’re just easily entertained and definitely fall into rabbit trails!!!😉❤️

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  2. My husband has a weird interest in UFOs, so, if there’s anything to it, I’ll probably be getting my ears talked off about it soon. But I keep telling him I’m just waiting for the aliens to come, announce we’ve failed their experiment, and annihilate us, so maybe the aliens are on their way and the government is considering warning us.


  3. The UFO thing is bananas! Lol. I remember reading something about rhem being confirmed last year and my mind didn’t know what to make of it! I didn’t see that there is new information or whatever being discussed. Lol. Could the X-Files have been correct? Lol. I did watch a UFO thing on the new Unsolved Mysteries and those people were convinced! I went down a rabbit hole reading about UFOs last year for a bit…

    I hope your bear survived but just moved away. Although you locking your doors against it made me smile. I picture you making a super serious vigilant face while peering into the darkness and turning the bolt.


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