Looking back at April in photos

April was a strange month weather wise at times. Warm sun, rain, gloomy days, snow, then warm sun again. In other words, it was a typical April for our state. I thought I’d look back on the month in photos since, as usual, my life wasn’t super exciting and there isn’t much to write about it. There were some playground trips, running in the backyard, Easter, weird medieval helmets and blooming spring flowers. Who knows what May will bring that will be worthy of a photo or two.

6 Comments on “Looking back at April in photos

  1. Your pics always make me feel like I’m right there in the moment!
    Would you mind telling me what camera you have? I really need to replace mine (canon t2i)

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  3. I agree with Bettie G – your photos say “what a wonderful world.” Our weather has been just like yours and now…rain…rain…rain. Our granddaughter who is the same age as your little sweetie just said yesterday, “You know, Nana, how April showers bring May flowers, well, I think April rain brings May rain.” Too cute and too true.

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