Faithfully Thinking: How can God give you peace when you’re turning to others for it?

I think maybe we all need this reminder right now – this week – in the midst of some very crazy things unfolding.

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Many of us are running to our phones or computers every morning, looking for some good news.

“God, just let there be some good news out there right now,” I find myself saying.

Yes, I’m asking God to make the national news media give me good news.

How backward is that? Very it turns out.

One thing I have learned is that I can not receive the peace of God if I am filling my mind and my thoughts with other voices.

I can’t run to the national media, looking for their reassurance and their peace because they don’t have it for me. They don’t want me to have it. Their business thrives on turmoil and fear. Tragedy and anger and fear and scandal sells. Period. It’s sad, but it’s true.

Don’t look to entertainers, to television personalities or news channels or even pastors to bring you comfort or to…

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3 thoughts on “Faithfully Thinking: How can God give you peace when you’re turning to others for it?

  1. Yes!! Amen!
    His word was, is, and always will be the most trustworthy and peace filling…I’m not sure why we try and fill that feeling of discomfort with worldly things (news etc) ..maybe due to impatience and the hope of an instant answer or clarity but it never works.

    Praying to remember to be quick to go to Him alone and then just trust His plans and perfect timing.


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