Socially Thinking: Which fear will you worship today?

Which fear will you worship today?

What will they tell you to fear and you will listen and obey?

Climate fear.

COVID fear.

COVID panic porn, I’ve heard it called.

How many can’t function each day without knowing how many “they” say have died?

How many start their conversations with, “I see cases are up?” while rubbing their arms as if it will rub their fear to live away?

How many worship a vaccine, a politician, a mask, a so-called social movement, instead of the God who made them?

How many who call themselves “Christians” bow to the shrines of tyranny, the kings of control, the queens of terror while their Bibles gather dust. They reach for the remote before they reach for The Word. Day after day.

“Can I go out today?” They ask. “What do they say? Is it safe?”

“The sun can give me cancer. I should stay inside.”

“The air can give me a virus the news told me is the deadliest virus we’ve ever seen.”

“Seeing people could pass it on, to me, to the world.”

Best to stay inside. Doors locked. Lights off. Life on hold for as long as they say.

Only come out to present the arm for the chemical juice they say will keep you alive until you die of something else anyhow. And next year, they’ll give it to you again and again and again, pumping who knows what into your veins, your chest, your heart, your uterus and out again. Always circulating within you what they told you was safe.

Ah, the great and all powerful “they.”

Always promising life without guaranteeing safety from death.

All the while your brain is shriveling in your skull because you make it wait to be told what to do, not by your own free will, but by the will of others.