Photos of the Week (Actually A Couple of Weeks)

We haven’t been out a ton lately so I didn’t have enough photos last week for a Photos of the Week post. This week I am combining two weeks worth of photos

Maybe I will have more in future weeks.

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  1. These are great as usual!! Your kiddos are so cute and I’m gonna assume the steps your daughter is standing on are at your house, I love that style of house..just seems so inviting, like it should be on a hallmark card❤️

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  3. The lights on the ground are so pretty!! I love how it looks like a path. Your tree looks so good!
    I’ve been trying to get in the Christmas spirit and these photos help. I love the snow photos, too. The other day we woke up to snow on the ground and today it’s sunny and 60s! We had winter and spring all in one week. lol

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  4. Wonderful photos! I wasn’t not feeling particularly in the “Christmas spirit” today, but these photos got me back on track. Thanks!


    • I haven’t been feeling that way either but what a blessing when the neighbor sent us up an extra gingerbread house and my kids started to decorate it. It was such a nice break from so much depressing news all around us – just watching them build it and joke about smashing it up and eating it when they were done. Then we came home from my parents Sunday and one of our neighbors had left a nice treat of cookies and other goodies. It started to get me more in the Christmas mode and now I’m putting little gift packages together for my neighbors and a couple of friends.

      I don’t know if you have been getting snow yet this year but we got some this morning (unexpected) so I’m going to share some fun snow photos next time I share photos.

      I follow a couple of bloggers who really get into making crafts any time of the year, but especially this time of year and looking at all of their creations has definitely been lifting my spirits!

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      • How nice! I’m so glad. I try to stay positive and optimistic, but today when I was coming home from the grocery store, it just felt like “I just can’t do this any more.” It was just sort of like every day and every week were all the same…over and over again…all because of Covid-19. So when I got home, my chickens and I decided it was time to decorate the tree and work on some homemade Christmas ornaments! I think we all need Christmas so much this year. And I’m praying we will all have a renewed appreciation and understanding of what this season is all about.

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  5. Your photos put me in the Christmas mood. I have been spending these past couple of days decorating for the family. I am trying to keep things simple and in the process we are getting rid of a lot too. Didn’t realize how much holiday decor we had up in the attic.

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    • I’ve been trying to buy some little things to give to our neighbors for Christmas. I’m going make them sausage balls like we use to make our other neighbors but I also wanted to do themed gifts for the one neighbor. She likes Hallmark movies so I bought her a DVD of one I liked and then I’m putting together popcorn and snacks for her and a Christmas book I like and putting it in a “fancy” red Hallmark box. Our neighbors in our new neighborhood are so nice which is a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because they are so nice and a bad thing because I want to buy them all something nice and I know that will break the bank. Hahaha! The Christmas stuff is a nice distraction right now.

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      • Same here. I love the distractions of gifting everyone around our neighborhood. I have been baking cookies different days of the week. The neighbor down the street that is in herm 90’s loves butter cookies. The kids across the street love chocolate chip and the other neighbors across the street love white chocolate chip/cranberry muffins. That is so sweet of you to make that Hallmark movie basket, perfect gifts always come in baskets. I am still decorating for Christmas this week. Been busy with regular home chores and just haven’t had the time but last night I finally finished the tree. I have noticed a change in my family now, they seem happier with all these decorations around our home and the smell of fresh baked cookies doesn’t hurt either. Lots of fragrance happening right now with pine and yummy sweet treats.

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