Photos of the week and a few extras

It was so cold and dreary here last week that we didn’t really leave the house much, which means I didn’t take a lot of photographs.
I took a few, though, and thought I would share them. Hopefully I’ll have more next week.

I decided to also add some photos I found in my Lightroom that I hadn’t edited yet. I guess you would call them some “lost gems” from the last six months. I also seem to have a black and white theme going on this week. Sometimes black and white helps me to focus on moments, as well as light and dark, more than other aspects of photography.

Also, from these photos it looks like I only have one child. I assure you that I have two, but one is 14. I think that’s all I need to say about that.

Photos from This Week


Old/New Photos

6 Comments on “Photos of the week and a few extras

  1. These are beautiful!!! I could look at your photos all day!!! You just have a way of capturing the moment and making me feel like I’m right there!! They’re awesome!!
    And LOL at your son, my 15 year old daughter is anti-photo too!😏

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    • Not every photo should be in black and white in my humble opinion. Sometimes it helps to tell the story but for landscapes and bright, sunny, colorful spring, summer, or fall days, color is needed. I’ve seen photographers convert to black and white just to try to fit in with a trend and I look at the photo and think “There is no reason for that to be black and white” But..the choice is up to the artist, of course.

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