More of autumn and burning Dad’s hat

My daughter flopped back on her back in our backyard the other night, looking up at leaves brilliant red and orange and declared, “I love fall.” A few moments earlier, though, she had told me she didn’t like Fall because “I don’t like when everything dies.” About-to-be-6-year olds are fickle, I suppose, but they’re also starting to think deep at that age, which I don’t really like.

I thought I’d share a few more autumn photos today to distract us all from the tension in the world these days.

I also thought I’d share the photos of my dad’s farewell to his old straw hat, which was in very rough shape and he decided had to go.

We had a very solemn (not really) ceremony where we burned the hat while playing funeral music, saluted it, and then talked about the fact that it was probably over 100 years old and maybe we should have saved it afterall.

My son even cried at one point – or so we thought. It turned out he had smoke in his eyes.

29 thoughts on “More of autumn and burning Dad’s hat

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  2. Autumn is looking good in your neck of the woods. We’ll be looking like that very soon. I had to smile at your dad’s hat — my father had an old straw cowboy hat he wore every time he mowed or worked outside. It was in pretty bad shape too.

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  3. Gorgeous pictures! Fall doesn’t visit Southern California, so I’m enjoying the season vicariously through you. Today’s temperature is supposed to top out at 102, so, yay…

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      • Completely 100% don’t blame him, haha! If it weren’t for my parents being so close by, we’d definitely be living somewhere with better weather. Your high is very chilly to us, but I’d rather take that than something over 100, during the fall.


  4. Thank you for bringing a smile to my heart this morning! I love those gorgeous autumn photos! Our color here is just beginning to show, which is a little late for us here in Wisconsin. I hope your Dad finds another straw hat that is just as dependable as his previous one!

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