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I thought I would share an old post tonight – this was at the house we just moved away from. I can’t believe it’s been three years since then. Looking forward to planting a garden at the new house this year.

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Rain fell steady just like the weather app said it would and I felt a twinge of disappointment. I knew it would mean a couple more days of waiting to plant the garden my son and I have wanted for a couple of years now.

I had always dismissed the idea of a garden because we live in town on a busy, noisy street and somehow, for this country girl, gardens are meant for quiet, out of the way yards where they can be admired on a warm summer evening in golden hour light.

I had wanted to wait until we actually moved to the country to create a garden but since that doesn’t seem to be remotely close to reality at the moment, we started planning what we wanted to plant and where, early in the spring.

Pumpkins, squash and various herbs for him.

Cucumbers, carrots, green beans, peas…

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  1. Oh, thank you for sharing! I love the way that you wove together gardening with thoughts of Scriptures, and God, and pondering. The garden was always such a beautiful place for pondering for me also. I hope you will have a beautiful garden at your new home!

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