Sunday Bookends: Peggy Rowe, The Chosen, rocking out the stress and country living

It has definitely been a crazy week with moving in, trying to get settled in to our new house and having the sudden realization we now live in the country. Sure, we have other houses around us and technically live ‘in town’ but our backyard (beyond the neighbor’s garden that is) is a forest. Not only that but the other day our neighbor suggested we move our trash cans inside the garage until pick up day because one time the previous owner didn’t and a bear got into it.

Yes, a bear.

Into the garbage.

That may be the moment I actually realized we live in the country. That and when he told me about the six or seven deer who visit their yard from time to time. I have this bad feeling we might put a crimp in that with the arrival of our dog. I’ve noticed neither of the neighbors on either side have pets, or at least dogs. How sad for them. (*wink*)

I’m still waiting for the weather to warm up so we can start getting our garden ready. We had more cold and rainy days this week but hopefully we will finally have spring in the next couple of weeks. The previous owners were nice enough to leave garden supplies in the small shed out back, including fencing to keep the deer out.

They also left several rakes, hoes and shovels. We’re not a drinking family but they left us wine glasses and a bottle of wine as well, which was nice. I might need that when I start trying to plant a garden since I’ve only done it once before and it didn’t go so well. I have a tendency to kill plants, which I think I’ve mentioned before.

My daughter and I cleaned out some old leaves from the flower beds Saturday using rakes we found in the garage, including a small one for my daughter. Even though I kill plants I’m going to try to plant some around the house when the local greenhouse opens up in the beginning of May. I also discovered several perennials that I am hoping will come up soon. After that we tried a bike ride on the street in front of our house, hoping the cars that zoom by when they use it for a short cut didn’t run us down at any point. We took the dog with us and she found a cat to bark at and watch closesly.

I’ve been able to get back into some reading this week. I am really enjoying Peggy Rowe’s new book, as I’ve mentioned the last couple of weeks. It’s made up of short stories about her life with her husband and son’s so it’s easy to read one or two stories a night before bed. This week her son, Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs, The Way I Heard it podcast, MikeRoweWORKS Foundation, and Return the Favor on Facebook.), shared a video telling her that for the second time in a couple of years she has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list. For those who are Christians on my page, don’t let the screenshot below dissuade you from watching this clip or reading the book. It’s less offensive than it looks!

I’m also finishing up True to You by Becky Wade this week (as I’ve been saying I would do for awhile now).

As for what I’ve been watching I’ve started The Chosen, an online dramatic series based on the life of Christ. It weaves a lot of Biblical fiction within the story of Jesus, so don’t look for this to be a word for word interpretation of the Bible, but it still keeps very inline with the message of the Bible and of Christ. The acting is excellent and the imagery is compelling. I’ve only watched the first episode and part of the second and I’ve already cried twice (in a good way.) I ordered a DVD set of the show to help support the production costs for Season 2. You can learn more about this project and how to watch it on their site.

I thought I would share a little about what I am listening to this week, as well. I started my Friday morning with a playlist of Skillet on Youtube and I highly recommend it since it woke me up and got my day started off right. (I know. I don’t seem the Skillet type, but I am, just without the leather jackets and dyed hair and nose ring.)

My day would have been better if I had done what I had originally planned to do and turn the phone off and never looked at social media, but live and learn.

I’ve also been listening to this new song by Elevation Worship since I loved watching them perform it live on Easter morning. That service was such a breath of fresh air and a move of the Holy Spirit I couldn’t stop watching it and am thrilled I can listen to the song on my phone or anywhere else now.

So how about all of you? What have you been reading, watching, listening to or up to this week? I’d love to read about it in the comments. Let me know!

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    • My parents have had a couple in their backyard – eating out of my dad’s bird feeder. Another time we camped out in their side yard and I kept joking about hearing a bear outside. My dad said he doubted it but the next night, after we had gone home, one had pulled down his bird feeder, very close to where we had been camping. My biggest worry right now is a bear coming down and smacking my dog around.

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  2. Bear! Oh gosh, how scary! Makes me want to keep to my nice dirty city with no wildlife wandering around, until I remember it’s dirty here, haha. I don’t have a green thumb, either, but still dream of a garden. My two supposedly impossible to kill plants have had pieces of them that have clearly died. I hope you have better luck growing things!


  3. I’m reading Peggy Rowe’s new book, too! I also have Mike’s to read when I’m done. My husband have me them for Christmas. I’ll have to check out The Chosen. It looks really interesting. The Bible plan I’m doing right now follows the life of Christ and I’m really enjoying it.
    I volunteered for a Christian concert night years ago and ended up working the Skillet table. The guy who “trained” us was the guy who plays the violin. The funny part was that we had no idea until it was over! 😂

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  4. I really adored Skillet’s Comatose album clear back in 2006, but didn’t much care for the direction they decided to go since then, and haven’t kept up with their latest stuff. Seeing you mention them sure was a walk down memory lane, lol.

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  5. Glad you’re getting settled in your new place. And bears…yes, we country folk have to deal with them not to mention the deer who loves to stop at the all you can eat diner (gardens). We love The Chosen. We have the DVDs of the first season and are almost finished watching them. I really like how they make Jesus and the disciples seem like real human beings.

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  6. Ah, the country! I’m jealous. Where we lived before this we had bears as well. Lock up the garbage, and don’t put out bird feeders or pet food! 😁

    Haha, the Skillet thing did surprise me in a way, but in a way not. 😉 “Chosen” looks interesting. Hubby and I are right now into a few seasons of “Star Trek – The Next Generation.” I never thought I’d be a trekkie but here I am.

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    • My husband is a big Trekkie. I used to watch it with my brother when I was younger. When we got married he was impressed how much I knew about the show. My son is more into Star Wars than Star Trek and I’ve noticed most people are either one or the other.

      And I’m not sure how to take that Skillet comment. What does that mean?! Hahahahaha!!! Just kidding! I’ve been pleasantly surprised with The Chosen so far.

      My dad told me to let you know that my 76-year old mom was head banging to Skillet this morning before she said “oh. That makes my head feel weird.” She used to be a bit of head banger when I was growing up but to Christian rock. We were at a Christian festival one time, at a stage called the Fringe Stage and they were moshing and my mom was in the back headbanging. The young guys found that pretty entertaining.

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      • Ahahahahaha! I would have loved to see that! Ya it makes my head feel weird too. 😂😵 My husband is a metal head (mostly Christian stuff as well) and I used to be into it more than I am now.

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        • I can’t head bang. I think I have ear or neck issues now because I am dizzy a lot. My dad used to play this band called Jerusalem really loud and he’d fall asleep listening to them and I had to go in and go “dad! Can you turn your music down?!” Hahaha. My parents are rockers. We went to Petra and Mylon LeFever and Digarmo and Key concerts when I was a kid.


    • They are very light reading but sometimes that’s needed. Yeah, I’m hoping we don’t really get a bear here. I’ll probably pass out,, even though they usually just keep moving along and aren’t interested in the humas.

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