January in photos

I’ve been focused on writing more than photography recently, but I did take some photographs in January.  I no longer take photographs professionally, so I consider my photographs family documentary since they focus mainly on my family life.

We didn’t have a lot of snow. We were running in and out of the house a lot for showings. And we did homeschool lessons. In other words, there really wasn’t a lot to photograph throughout the month of January.


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    • Homeschooling is stressing me out right now! Especially science! Our science book is too deep with info and my son is overwhelmed so we are looking for new curriculum. Sigh. And I am still in this mindset that we have to do every subject every day like a traditional school and then a “friend” told me my son will never succeed in life because we are doing traditional homeschool and not cyber school. Argh! But I still love homeschooling.

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      • Are you kidding? Do you know what my kids are learning in public school… nothing academic! Yes they are getting some unique opportunities and their characters are growing in new ways. They are learning how to navigate families from very different backgrounds and the importance of standing up for what’s right. I had always worried that I was never doing enough, and my daughter just got 98% on her math exam in public school. My son last semester was teaching new methods to the students that weren’t “getting” their math. The teachers have been shocked at my kids attitudes and how ahead they are. So much for me “ruining” them! Don’t let people tell you what’s right for your kids! As parents know very well what’s right for them! But yes I hear you about the stresses of homeschooling. I also was a traditional school type of homeschooler, and it really really stressed me out! I wish I could do it over again, I would be so much more relaxed!!


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  3. These are such beautiful photos of your family! And I agree with Gia, your peace and love of your family comes through in such a precious way. Thank you for sharing them with us here. They blessed me tonight.

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      • Oh Lisa, that doesn’t sound corny to me at all! I feel the same way. It really does amaze me too, when I try to figure it out, I can’t. Only God, because He knows where and how He wants to join us together in Him to bring His comfort.

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  4. Second comment of mine, the first one didn’t go through. Just wanted to thank you once again for beautiful photos full of love. My favorite is that black and white with your son and dog….oh, and your little girl in the kitchen. So sweet.

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  5. I also read your post when you stopped photography as a career. You said it so well when you mentioned hating having to change yourself in order to continue doing it. I totally understand, but from a different career of course: teaching. A lot of it is about money and not the children no matter which type it is. I’m now a big advocate for homeschooling. I can sense how relaxed you are in the photos you take. You can feel the calm from them. It’s good that you still have the ability to take pictures to document family life, because I cannot teach. May God bless you with many more years of documenting your family through photography! 🙏💕☦️🕊

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    • I homeschool my children and that takes up the time I had to try to mess with a “job” that was making me hate my passion. That is so nice that you said you can sense how relaxed I am in the photos because that is actually when I feel my most relaxed— with a camera in my hands.

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