Summer’s End in photos

In many ways, I feel like I totally missed summer. Part of the summer it was raining and part of it was humid and hot and the heat made me pretty sick and out of it. So here we are at the beginning of Fall and we didn’t do anything I had planned for the summer. We tried to cram some swimming in before the swimming season is over but one day the pool at my parents had too much chlorine and the next time it was too cold and then there was the invasion of the spiders, but I won’t go into detail about that one.

For the most part, our summer’s end was family time, construction of a shed my dad and son built over the summer and a little bit of swimming with the neighbors. And this past weekend we closed out summer with a picnic with friends. I can’t help feeling summer was a bust and flew by way too fast.

We will see how Autumn goes.DSC_0980-3_1DSC_1018DSC_1032DSC_1047-2_1DSC_1049-2DSC_1061DSC_1064-2DSC_1068-2DSC_1085-2DSC_1128-2DSC_1142-2DSC_1144-3DSC_1253DSC_1257DSC_1269DSC_1271DSC_1275DSC_1281DSC_1330DSC_1488_2DSC_1512DSC_1519DSC_1528DSC_1551DSC_1555DSC_1581DSC_1600DSC_1605-2DSC_1654-2DSC_1662DSC_1696DSC_1702-2DSC_1708DSC_1717DSC_1718DSC_1727DSC_1728DSC_1731DSC_1744DSC_1747DSC_1764DSC_1771

15 thoughts on “Summer’s End in photos

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  2. You have a great eye, your photos are amazing. The kids look liked they had fun. Looks like they especially loved that pool and building a shed with grandpa…wonderful things all on their own. Can’t wait to see Fall photos from your area. Here in Phoenix we don’t get that. I love Fall colors. Hopefully we will be able to head up north to the wooded areas where they have a Fall season. Oh, and all my pretty succulents that weren’t cacti died over the summer, except for one. It is just too hot here for the summers.

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    • Thank you! I just can’t believe the leaves are already changing. I guess it is the time of year for it but I’m just not ready. I’m looking forward to photos of the foliage this year too. I hope it’s pretty.


  3. Looks like you had a pretty good summer. 🙂 We were so busy working on the house that we didn’t get to do anything at all this year. I’m hoping that changes for fall because I’ve at least got to go to the pumpkin patch. I feel guilty because even though my daughter says she didn’t mind, I feel like I failed her somehow. Crazy mom feelings I guess. 🙄

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  4. I don’t know. From the photos you posted earlier in the summer, blueberry picking, and these photos, it looks like it was a pretty good movie summers. Plus we got together for that picnic for Mom’s birthday in Mansfield. I thought that was good.

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