10 on 10 for July: Summer fun always includes water

Summer fun in our family always includes some sort of water play, mainly for the kids. sometimes they don’t even have to get wet in the water to have fun.

We have debated over the years putting in our own pool, but there really isn’t space in our yard, nor do we really want to maintain one. Luckily we seem to have enough options for water play without it.

Even if it’s not a hot summer, we have to pull out a sprinkler or a small pool for the kids to play in and then we visit the pool at a local campground, and of course the one my dad put up for the kids (and maybe a little bit for himself) a few years ago.

Our neighbor was also so sweet last weekend to invite us to swim in her pool when the weather was so hot.

I’m surprised sometimes how much my 11-year old can enjoy even the smallest pool, still managing to find fun in the littlest amount of water.

How does your family cool off in the summer?

This post is part of a monthly blog circle where a group of photographers share ten photos from the previous month, on the tenth day of the month. I know a couple of the bloggers in my group are “down under” so for them it’s winter and they may be battling some colder temperatures and obnoxious rain. What’s the weather like where you are?

To continue the circle please click on Shea Klunder’s link and see what she featured for this month’s installment.

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  1. I love summer and these photos have me feeling that warm fuzzy feeling when I look at water photos.


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