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Extra Thursday Fiction: Quarantined Chapters 8 & 9

A little update on Extra Fiction Thursday: after I finish this particular series, I will probably be retiring the extra fiction Thursday and returning to fiction only on Fridays. About today’s chapters: one of these chapters will feature… Read More

Quarantined: (A Fictional Short Story Part 3)

This is a short story inspired by current events. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here, if you want to follow along. This is a six-part story (possibly five if I combine two parts). For… Read More

Quarantined: A Short Story Part I

“I can’t believe I have to self-quarantine. I don’t even have symptoms.” Maddie Grant glared at her husband over the edge of her book. “It’s not like I’m happy with you being stuck here either,” she mumbled. “Excuse… Read More

Writing prompt: when the wealth didn’t matter

He kept the gun in the hutch behind the Tiffany Sybil Claret Wine glasses that had belonged to his grandmother. There were 20 of those ridiculous glasses, worth $100 each. Wealth, wealth and more wealth. It was all… Read More