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Liam and Maddie Grant are set to sign divorce papers and Liam is already packing to move out. Their plans are put on hold when Liam comes home to tell Maddie he’s been exposed to a new virus that is shutting down the country and part of the world. Since he’s exposed her she’ll have to be in quarantine as well. Now the couple is locked down and for the next 14 days they’ll have to face the issues that split them apart in the first place. Before it’s all over they’ll have to decide if they want to sign the divorce papers or try again. Across the city, Liam’s brother United States Senator Matthew Grant is quarantined with his wife and children wondering if his marriage could end up on the same path as his brothers. He hasn’t spent a lot of time with his wife Cassie lately. Has he lost sight of what really matters? He also finds himself reflecting on his time as senator and his upcoming re-election campaign. Has he put his family at risk by serving as a senator in the hyper-political atmosphere the country is caught up in?

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 6 & 7

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Chapter 10

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