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Fiction Friday: A New Beginning Chapter 1

This is a warning: If you haven’t read the first part of Blanche’s story, A Story to Tell, you might not want to read A New Beginning, which is the second part of her story. You can find the first part of Blanche’s story on Kindle or in Paperback, on Amazon (after December 17 it […]

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A little extra fiction – The Farmer’s Daughter

I thought I’d share some extra fiction today,  beyond the story I’ve been working on with “A Story to Tell,” even though it isn’t Fiction Friday. This is the beginning of another novel in process, The Farmer’s Daughter. This is the story of Molly Tanner, who thought that by now she’d be living away from […]

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Fiction Friday: A Story to Tell Chapter 12

Here we are at another Fiction Friday (I almost typed Friction Friday. I think that would definitely have a different meaning. Ouch. ) and another chapter in Blanche’s story. Have you been following Blanche and Hank’s journey? What do you think should happen next? Let me know in the comments. You can find links to […]

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