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Book Review: Songs in the Storm. A story of love, trust, and triumph over trials

Book: Songs in the Storm Author: Kathy Geary Anderson Genre: Christian Historical Fiction My rating: 5 out of 5 Songs in the Storm is a moving story about a newly married couple struggling with a difficult diagnosis for… Read More

Fiction Friday: The Next Chapter. Chapter 11

To catch up with other parts of this novel in progress, click HERE. Chapter 11 Encounter Church wasn’t only the largest church in the area when it came to congregation size. Its building stretched much further than any… Read More

Book Review The Rhise of Light by Max Sternberg

Book: The Rhise of Light Author: Max Sternberg Genre: Christian Fantasy Description: This is not your typical Christian Fiction story… The entirety of living civilization stands on the very brink of death. Undead hordes have rampaged across the… Read More

Tell Me More About . . . Deena Adams, author

Deena Adams writes fiction and shares interviews about other authors on her blog and today she was nice enough to take part in my Tell Me More About feature. Tell me more about   . . . is a… Read More

Book Review: Sarah’s Choice by Pegg Thomas

Book: Sarah’s Choice Author: Peggy Thomas Genre: Christian Historical Fiction Release date: August 3, 2021 (preorder here). Bottom line: Four stars out of five. Heart pounding read. Not for the faint of heart. My review: If you are… Read More

Fiction Friday: Harvesting Hope Chapter 21

If you are a new reader here, I share a chapter from my WIP each Friday, and sometimes Saturday, on my blog. There are typos, grammatical issues and even plot holes at times because this is a first,… Read More

Tell Me More About . . . Robin W. Pearson, author

Tell Me More About . . . is a feature which focuses on every day people from a variety of walks of life who impact the world around them in big or small ways. Robin W. Pearson is one… Read More

Tell Me More About . . . Elizabeth Maddrey, Inspy Romance Author

Welcome back to an old feature of mine, Tell Me More About . . . I’m so excited to resurrect it this week with super-succesful, Inspy Romance author-extraordinaire Elizabeth Maddrey. Tell Me More About . . . is… Read More

Fiction Friday: Harvesting Hope (formerly The Father’s Sons) Chapter 14

I have been working quite a bit on this story this week and I have this feeling I am going to stress some of my readers (okay, like all three of you lovely ladies who follow and support… Read More