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Throw Back Thursday: How Children Remind Us We Are Free

I wrote this one in 2017, so my daughter was about 3 and teaching me some important lessons in my “old age.” I thought I’d share it today for Throwback Thursday. She is drawn to mud puddles like… Read More

Next to the girl and her dog

I posted this photo of my daughter and our dog on Facebook recently and my dad commented the following under it: Next to the girl collecting Easter eggs with her dog stands a pair of sawhorses that belonged… Read More

Frank. And only Frank. Thanks, Kid. I’m now sick of Frank.

Every night and every nap for the last two years my daughter has had to listen to Frank Sinatra’s “In The Wee Small Hours” album while she’s falling asleep. I’ve tried to change the music without her knowing… Read More

She’s quite fond of the slimy creatures. 10 on 10 for June

My 3-year old daughter is a caretaker. She takes care of her stuffed animals and our pets and other people’s pets. Sometimes she takes care of me and once in awhile her brother (though she’s usually bossing him… Read More

Four on Four for June and the messy kids

Welcome to Clickin’ Moms Four on Four blog circle. For more posts featuring four photos from the previous month click on Bianca Symons and follow the circle all the way around. _____ The oldest found a ditch full of… Read More

The little girl who loved ants

I’m not sure how Miss G’s fascination with ants started or even when but since it’s started we have had to learn to leave enough time before we go somewhere so she can to stop and watch the… Read More

What are we waiting for? | Ulster, Pennsylvania Child Photographer

I  meet my son’s bus at an old school parking lot and usually we head home right away to make dinner and get ready for karate or to get homework started. This past week we’ve had warm temperatures… Read More

Letting go is hard to do. A letter to my son | Athens PA Child Photographer

This is part of a series called Letters to My Son, where I write a letter to my son once a month. To my son: I’m not going to lie. I’m having a very hard time with you going… Read More