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Everyday Life

I was so honored to take a class recently through The Bloom Forum and taught by Ginger Unzueta of Ginger Unzueta Photography. The class was entitled “The Everyday Beauty” workshop and challenged us to find and capture, beauty in our everyday life.
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10 on 10: A trip to the Corning Museum of Glass

This post is part of my 10 on 10 project, which is a project I do with other photographers around the world. It features at least ten photos from one day’s events, one day a month.
Be sure to check the end of this post for a link to the blog of a talented photographer.

Maybe you have Corningware in your kitchen cupboards right now and if you do, there is a good possibility they were made, or at least the idea of them was conceived at Corning Incorporated in Corning, N.Y. In 1951, Corning Incorporated gifted the Corning Museum of Glass to the community and the nation to educate them about how glass is made and used in our everyday life.

According to the museum’s website: “The Corning Museum of Glass cares for and displays the world’s best collection of art and historical glass. When you visit, you’ll see more than 3,500 years of history displayed in the Glass Collection Galleries, from the glass portrait of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh to contemporary sculpture made in glass.”

I live 50 minutes away from the museum and sadly have only visited twice in my life and once briefly for when I worked at the newspaper there.

We visited this week and the lighting is a definite challenge. The exhibits are interesting, the glass blowing show is definitely worth the visit, and the beautiful artwork is inspiring (especially for a fellow artist).



Lisa R. Howeler, photographer

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Corning Museum of Glass



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Winter. 10 on 10 for February

Winter. It goes on an on and on and . . . well, you get the “drift”
Being stuck in Northern Pennsylvania during winter is not always fun. It’s a bit of a drag really. The sun is limited and heavy cloud cover is prevelant. By February my depression is setting in and my motivation is non-existant.

To try to keep my motivation going I get involved in photography classes through The Bloom Forum and try to get outside even if it means in the snow.

This past week our area got hit with 15 inches of snow in about a 12 hour period, maybe a bit less. We expected at least 10 but this was a bit extreme.

A couple days later we got hit with a few more inches and decided to head outside for a snowball fight and some fort building, after some battle preparations with General Grevious and the Power Rangers of course. Then we capped the day off with a warm bath.

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Be sure to keep following the circle by visiting Cara next! 

A day in the mud.

I was looking through images to add to my portfolio when I found a set from a summer day two years ago with my son, in our backyard. We’d had rain earlier in the day and he was enjoying sliding and jumping in the mud and on a dirt pile we had. And I just let him. Because I am one cool mom.
It was a blast to watch and capture.

These are the moments I love to capture: children just being children. And this is also what I mean about storytelling photogr


aphy. These photos tell a story of a moment in a day but also moments in my son’s life.


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10 on 10: 10 photos from a day of cold

I’m so excited to be able to be a part of a 10 on 10 group with a group of women on The Bloom Forum! I can’t wait to see all the amazing photographers out there and how they interpret life through their lens.
The 10 on 10 project is a chance to take one day and capture at least 10 images that tell a story of that day.

For me, my day to capture was on a freezing cold day when school was canceled and my seven year old and I were stuck inside our house.

My son had cabin fever and was looking for any way to entertain himself.

A self-designed ninja costume was one way he entertained himself.

This month was a short one for me so I don’t have quite 10 photos, but I managed to squeak out a few at least!

DSC_7474-Edit1.3 the-bloom2

DSC_7455-Edit DSC_7454-Edit-2 DSC_7435-Edit DSC_7431-Edit-2DSC_7432-Edit

Please make sure you go around the circle and check out the other photographers and their work!

Roxanne Bappe  |  Imaging Rox  |  Central Iowa Photographer

Project 52: My Four Hens (Reflection)

I started project 52 last year with my Four Hens and got sick so I bailed out. This year I hope I can stick to it and take one photo a week to fit the theme Sarah Cornish provides. This week, Week 1 the theme is Reflection.
Last week I reflected a lot on 2013. It was a horrible year for many reasons, one being some health issues I developed from years of bad eating, and some health issues that bad eating made worse. I changed my diet completely (going grain free and eating Paleo now) and dropped 50 pounds. I can’t say I’m 100 percent health wise, but I am definitely feeling better and I am definitely ready to tackle 2014.


Project ‘Boy’

One of my most recent personal projects is called “Boy” and features images of real “boy moments” by either my son or his friends.
I will be posting images from this projct from time to time.


LIsa R. Howeler 1.3.13

2014: new projects and new goals

Snow SeasonI am excited to be relaunching my business for 2014. I’m also excited to start some personal projects. One of these projects is Project 52, which will be a photo a week for the entire year. Now, of course I will take more than one photo a week, but I’ll be posting one photo from the week throughout the year.

As far as personal projects, I hope to continue capturing my son and his friends in my project “Boy”.

I’m also planning on starting a monthly project called “Blessed Moments”, to help remind me of the blessings I have.

2013 was a tough year for me, for a variety of reasons.  I plan to focus on looking forward and not back this year. I hope you will do the same with me. There are lessons in the past, for sure, but staying there isn’t healthy for anyone.

Welcome to 2014, everyone! I hope you are as excited as I am!

Winter Days.

I can’t even believe winter is here again. It seems like just yesterday it was summer and now, here we are, in the midst of snow and ice storms.