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Pulling it into the light

I have a photo of my daughter looking at an old, black and white photo of a couple and the woman in the photo is her namesake. The woman is my great grandmother and I’ve heard some funny stories about her over the years but I wish I knew more. One story came from my mom who said great-grandma had once reached into a … Read More Pulling it into the light

Stuffed animals need hugs too

“Mama, wanna play with me? You wanna play with me?” Her pleas sounded more like a demand than a request and I knew if I said ‘no’ she would keep asking, demanding and continue to look heartbroken and crestfallen. Each day she follows me around with the same demand – I mean request – so I know the drill now and most days I’m … Read More Stuffed animals need hugs too


The days are long

Lightstock photo by Lisa R. Howeler It’s the end of a very long day and all I can think is: Did I pay attention to them enough today? Did I listen to them? Do they know I love them? Was I too distracted? Too strict? Too overwhelmed with other things that were not important? The answer to some of those questions are ‘no’ and … Read More The days are long

Mud, leg bruises and fun

I picked up my 10 year old son  the last day of camp and found him covered in mud and smiling – just the way I like to see him. He attends a day camp about 45 minutes from our house in rural Bradford County, Pa. for a week each June. Stoney Point Camp is literally in the middle  of nowhere, or at least … Read More Mud, leg bruises and fun

I used to be a writer. . .

I used to be a writer. I used to be able to string words together and have them make sense. Now my brain is jumbled in my head, mixed with toddler demands and elementary basketball and dinner and karate classes and nap time. I won’t even mention all the rest of the mess Facebook pours in there time and time again, which is one … Read More I used to be a writer. . .

Ten on Ten for October

This month we celebrated my littlest’s second birthday so I thought I’d share some photos of her from last month for this month’s 10 on 10 with the girls from The Bloom Forum. To continue the circle find the link at the bottom of the post. Next up in the circle is Elizabeth at Life with a Peanut and a Zoybean!

Things Good Photographers Do….Apparently

I’ve noticed recently, from what I see on Instagram and Facebook, a few things that good photographers (apparently) do: Make sure there is sun flare in every single photo they take and if it isn’t there add it in Photoshop.  Take photos of your young children in a cart at target because target is..? High end Walmart? Take photos of your babies in sinks … Read More Things Good Photographers Do….Apparently

How social media sucks my life from me and why detoxes from it are needed

I’m sure some will say I’m being over dramatic and maybe they will say I just need some will power but each day I find myself having to admit what I’ve read about the addictive nature of social media is true. One day this week, I found myself obsessed with why my blog posts weren’t updating to my business page but instead to my … Read More How social media sucks my life from me and why detoxes from it are needed

Children should be photographed as if they are children not adults

I have been watching a trend in photography in recent years of photographers purposely dressing and posing children as if they are adults. It’s not a trend I am a fan of because I feel like our society is rushing children out of their childhood. Dressing children in stylish clothes, posing them in a field and telling them to give their best model face … Read More Children should be photographed as if they are children not adults