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The love that didn’t last

Looking at her young face staring back at me from the vintage, monochrome photograph it suddenly struck me how young she had been when her world fell apart. Her story was family folklore, passed down as one of those subjects discussed in hushed tones and only around certain family members. Here she was, though, appearing to me younger than I had ever imagined her … Read More The love that didn’t last

The star

They carried the star up the steep, snow covered hill because the truck’s tires spun and sent the hunk of metal skittering sideways toward the old dirt road. In the end they left the truck in the field and slid the star, made of wood and strands of Christmas lights off the roof. Their breath steamed patterns out in front of them as they … Read More The star

Time with Grandpa | Athens, PA Photographer

The weekends are often reserved for time with my parents and sometimes my dad takes the kids out to help him with chores.  This weekend he wanted to dig up gladiolus bulbs from this summer so he can use them again to plant in his garden next year. My youngest was determined to use the clippers to cut the bulbs off, which was making … Read More Time with Grandpa | Athens, PA Photographer


Pulling it into the light

I have a photo of my daughter looking at an old, black and white photo of a couple and the woman in the photo is her namesake. The woman is my great grandmother and I’ve heard some funny stories about her over the years but I wish I knew more. One story came from my mom who said great-grandma had once reached into a … Read More Pulling it into the light

I am going to be a writer today or what is really like to be a writer.

I am going to be a writer today. I am going to write. I am going to make things happen. I am going to – wait for my computer to install updates for 15 minutes.  I am going to get breakfast.  I am going to notice the living room is a mess. I am going to pick up the living room. I am going … Read More I am going to be a writer today or what is really like to be a writer.

Stuffed animals need hugs too

“Mama, wanna play with me? You wanna play with me?” Her pleas sounded more like a demand than a request and I knew if I said ‘no’ she would keep asking, demanding and continue to look heartbroken and crestfallen. Each day she follows me around with the same demand – I mean request – so I know the drill now and most days I’m … Read More Stuffed animals need hugs too

Money saving tips: Don’t be afraid to buy cheaper cuts of meat, your veggies whole

Panic set in when money got tight this last year but after a lot of prayer I’ve been learning more about how to save money and reduce expenses. This learning is a long process that is coming in stages. Currently my money saving focus is on groceries and household items. Groceries is one of the biggest expenses for our family, and probably most families, … Read More Money saving tips: Don’t be afraid to buy cheaper cuts of meat, your veggies whole


The days are long

Lightstock photo by Lisa R. Howeler It’s the end of a very long day and all I can think is: Did I pay attention to them enough today? Did I listen to them? Do they know I love them? Was I too distracted? Too strict? Too overwhelmed with other things that were not important? The answer to some of those questions are ‘no’ and … Read More The days are long


Real life parenting moments

I’m in the kitchen trying to perfect a Ree Drummond recipe but every few moments my oldest is shouting that the cat is on his Lego table knocking pieces off to smack around on the floor or the youngest is holding an empty bowl and asking me when she can have “port top” (pork chop). She’s looking up at me like a child from … Read More Real life parenting moments